Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007....

THis will be my last blog entry for this year (funny that!) Next year, I'm going to try even harder to keep it up. The new camera will help, I'll jsut want to share pics of the kids and the new slimline me!

New Years GOALS (not resolutions, you notice!)

with the help of Spark People (my user name is wheezeybouncer there too), drop to a size 14/16

learn to drive

Saturday, December 29, 2007


OK so it's not something most people would be shouting about, but for me it marks the start of being able to shop in high street stores. Back in August I was a size 24 all over. Now, I am a 20 on the bottom (the boobage I have no hope with till I'm done nursing)

Over the past couple of days I have bought...

White (brave!) Shorts, Red 3/4 length trousers, Black trousers all size 20 from NEXT! Never thought I'd fit there 3mos after starting to change my lifestyle for the better.

Black 3/4 length trousers, grey sparkly trousers and grey with a pink pinstripe (realy nice!) trousers all a 20 and a nice top in a 24 (it's those boobs again) from MK1.

Sooo, I'm mid Ebay listing to find some room for them. I have some maternity bits n bobs to put on there as well. Photos I'm going to add in the morning though!

Home School

Education happens all round us. NOT JUST IN SCHOOLS!!! And if one more person asks me "When are you going to start Sian's education?" I may just have to SCREEEEEAAAAAAM!

Sian and Beth have been learning since they were born... all babies do. In their case though, I started to teach them "Baby Sign Language" and even now they do it. It's just one of the reasons they're staying home to learn though (none of the schools teach BSL to mainstream kids - only one primary and one secondary school have "Hearing Impaired Units")

Take the kids to parent & baby groups, swimming lessons (v important), toddler group? they're learning. Do you go to the library, let them play on the computer (CBeebies is fab according to my two), Go to teh park? They're learning. Even watching TV and DVDs can help in the learning process.

Bake Cakes, Look for numbers and letters on road signs and doors. Count steps, count cars. find colors. It's all about LEARNING!

As they get older, they'll need other outlets for meeting up with kids and adults alike (after all you don't see people born the same school year as you for 5-6hrs/day 5days/wk when you leave school do you? So, with the new year approaching. We're going to be aiming to make the nearest Home School group every otehr Thursday... Let's see if I can manage it this time! Shouldn't be too hard as my courses are both on a Friday and I can arrange driving lessons after the kids are in bed! Just need to find out when the group starts back up again now! Last time I went both girls were still in nappies and Beth was just about crawling!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sian on the subject of parents

C: We're going to see Grandma and Richard now (R is C's step father)
S: Is Richard your Daddy?
C: No, but he's a bit like a dad to me
S: Oh, is he your father then?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day Pics...

Bethy opening her stocking with a *just* awake Daddy.

Sian playing with her playsilk.. they got them in place of cuddly toys this year. HIT!

The girls all nice and clean(ish) in their Christmas outfits. Santa always brings new clothes.

My little Angels... I know the truth! Under there they have Disney Princess Slippers!

Me n my girlies. They're HEAVY when you try and lift them both simultaenously now. Yup, I'm grimacing!

Beth got a LOT of "In the Night Garden" related things... well, a CD, DVD, 2 books and the Ninky Nonk! Every time she unwrapped on of them she'd scream "My Night Garden!" Not saying she's a fan or anything but......

Sian got the Doodle Daisy (BIG hit) and Doodle Bear she asked for (we got them both a doodle bear) but when asked today what her favourite gift was? "My new socks Mama"

Clive got a new Wii game that he ended up playing for over 3hrs last night (ok, i played some with him, but he was coming to bed at MIDNIGHT!!!) and 2 jumpers he chose.

I got my "Strictly Come Dancersize" DVD just need room and time to do it now. I can't wait.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Decorating the tree.

So, there's no room for a tree at our house (it resides on top of the TV) BUT GrannyJan asked if Sian and Beth would like to help with her tree this year. As you can see, they did. It did need a little tweaking at the end... all the decorations seemed to end up at the front on one side.. but i think it looks good for a 2yo & 4yo. go here and watch santa's progress around the world tomorrow night. have you been naughty or nice? he's made his list, and checking it twice.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

you're gonna get sick of 'em!

me n my girls... testing the timer, not a great pic!

a rare treat, mama TOLD us we could sit here!

does she HAVE to keep taking photos?

i'm doing my cat impression!

Monday, December 17, 2007

On Your Marks.....

Get set, GO!

I'm just a cutie pie!

Well, If you can't tell, I LOVE the new camera. The zoom is awesome (I used it on these two pics and one standing by the house I have the clearest pic of the street sign at the end of the road)

Test Run Pics... I LIIIIKE!

jsut for once she WASN'T gurning for the camera!

Oops, sorry you'll have to stand or lie on your side for this, i forgot to rotate it!

I love this one. She looks so high... 2" off the ground!

Super jumper... nope. She wasn't jumpin' at all!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm putting myself up for adoption!

It's been a few of those days in a row. The girls have been constantly sniping, whinging and scrapping with each other. Clive is putting all the blame on me, and then leaving me to deal with whatever is going on. And the kids cap it by TELLING him to go away (so the asshole does). Add to that S having a few "terrible two's" days and B getting incredibly physical with other children (she bit one Friday, Mama was NOT impressed) I just want to leave them all to it... would i come back to a whole house?! The calmest time today was (beleive it or not!) at the SUPERMARKET of all places. Daddy and Sian took their shoping list and Mama and Beth did their shopping... and the highlight of Boo's day... she got a talking MakkaPakka!

All Wrapped Up

The christmas presents that is. I wonder if DH will wrap my stocking or I'll have to do it myself... lets see if I even HAVE a stocking come christmas eve. His is done (with the exception of a drink and peice of fruit) Still waiting for Beth's last gift... but she's got plenty even if it doesn't come. Dozy Dora here decided to take the WOOL jumper DH chose for himself out the bag to wrap. It soon went back int! My hand and arm still itch :o/


That's what the dizziness was. Most people get one attack... i got 2 in 2 weeks. And the all too familiar dizzy sensation is back again. At least I know waht it is now *and* i have meds for it! Speaking of, somewhere I have some symbicort..... but where (50 million question!)


Thats where i'm headed now. just post this, finish chatting, empty the bed (remember the christmas presents!) and hit the sack. my matchsticks are broken and i'm cold. I'll tyr and get pics off th ecamera tomrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Randomness from the week.

We bought a new digicam. A joint present to us, mainly cause we wanted a DECENT one to take to Florida. Should I tell DH I just saw the same one for £20 less online? It's a snazzy Fujifilm Finepix S5700. (I told him, half asleep, his reaction? "oh well") Can't wait to actually USE the thing. I'm thinking the Sure Start Christmas Party Next week! Maybe I'll offer my services as Photographer! After all, they can only say "No!" I might persuade them to get the memory card if they do want me to though

For the girls to take to FL we found for Beth an "In the Night Garden" Rucksack, and for Sian a "Peppa Pig" one. They have a new outfit each (have to choose, ones a fairy princess and ones a pirate) and some stickers to start on their activities for the plane. Sian will be taking Terence Trunki ( and in the new year we'll get Beth a Trixi Trunki (I'm not paying the £5 extra for the few extras) What I want to do now is find a bricks & mortar shop to buy one in and save shipping charges!

FINALLY! I got my mammoth crocs ( After teh first 30mins or so when I thought they were too small.... I didn't want to take them off. You really could wear them as slippers. So warm and cozy. My feet love me again (they do NOT love trainers any more, not even Reeboks!)

Today we went to Hammersmith to go to the Disney Store... DH wanted a new mug. The girls got new PJs ... must go through theirs, I'm sure Sian only has about 3 pairs now that fit. Sian and Beth picked up a Little Einsteins Puzzle... then saw a Minnie Mouse Ears and Dress. I managed a minor miracle. SHE PUT THE PUZZLE BACK! Mind you, the ears & dress cost about £20 more! Luckily (I think!) the dress is a 7-8 so should fit for some time. Both kids looked gorgeous in it. It's defintely NOT an outfit I jsut want to chuck in their toy basket though.

Beth saw "kimmas" and had THE biggest grin when he said hello, then went all shy when he actually got down to the nitty gritty LOL. She still had the goofy grin on though, it was SOOOO CUTE! They got to tell father christmas what they want as a present (i told for beth, and then sian got shy so daddy said anything) and his helper let them dip into her sack for a pre-christmas treat each (selection box of chocolates, very nice too)

To finish it all off we hit the toy store (well, did that BEFORE we went to DIsney really) and got teh girls a toy cow each (don't ask, they chose! i think it was an influence from watching "airport" earlier) i picked them up a learn to write book each (they fought over the magazine and got me VERY frustrated) and a BIG TUB of Megablocks for £15 instead of £30.. all with 20% off. Yay!

Christmas is a comin'...

and I have got almost everything wrapped up! WooHoo! It took less tahn £100 in Toys R Us (wow) and DH and I even got some bits for the FL trip.

Both girls are getting a Doodle Bear (the large was £2 cheaper than the small!) They have a CD from each other and a CD each from us. Books and a "Something Special" DVD each. Even now they will sit and watch a whole "Justin" DVD. I don't mind. It consolidates what signs they've learnt already. They're also getting a Wii game each. Shrimp's is here and wrapped. Boo's is awaiting delivery.... I hope it's here for christmas! and to share they've some dressing up shoes.

From Santa they're getting

Playfood, a new outfit and their stockings (chocolate, drink, £1, fruit, book, toy, hair bow clippie & socks)

Christmas Eve always brings a new pair of PJs... this year they chose their own. Both have christmassy ones... but Boo chose ones in the sale (£3, bargain!) and Shrimp chose "The Snowman" at £12!!

For her birthday I think we're just taking Shrimpy shopping and seeing waht she'd like. I do know that her Uncle Stevie has got her a talking Upsy Daisy... Cause I bought it for her LOL. We were looking to see who found it first! (He got Boo talking IgglePiggle for her birthday present BIG HIT!) Psst. Don't tell the girls but he's got them Disney Crocs for their Christmas Presents!

DH chose himself a couple of Jumpers for this year. One of them is wool so goodness knows how i'm going to wrap that up! He's getting a Wii game too... just not the one he's expecting! Got to give him *some* suprises!

OMG It's a YES!!

Never for a MOMENT thinking we'd actually be accepted, DH and I decided to apply for a loan. A big one. DH knew if they said yes he'd be working overtime for the next 7yrs.

THEY SAID YES!!!! We got the loan. Of course, with that loan came a few conditions (from him)

#1 we take the girls to WDW FL for a trip of a lifetime
#2 i pay off one credit card (old one, not used for several years)
#3 i get my provisional drivers liscence

#1 is booked and paid for... we fly to MCO on Feb 2nd 2008. Staying at the All Star Resort, with a Disney Dining Plan. We also have tickets to the "Princess and Pirates Party" and 7day base passes with water fun.

#2 is all paid off. and as the company did me a deal i only had to pay back part of what i owed (always good)

#3 i've sent off for and am waiting to get back... had to get my passport first so i didn't need to send out anything else!

At this moment in time, I'm the only person with a passport! And it came back within 2weeks of me sending it, very impressive. I need to send DH and DD2s birth certificates back- will do that monday. SPECIAL DELIVERY. Mam sent DD1s back Registered and I've heard nothing. Must see how things are going with that one. I have all the reference numbers and the posting card for DD1s so we'll look at that tomrow (too lazy to go downstairs now!)

One of DHs ex-colleagues is training to be a driving instructor. Hopefullly by the time i can afford lessons he'll be ready to teach me! I can' tgo out earlier than 8pm anyways LOL

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why is it soooo easy for some people

to get pregnant? and generally the ones who DON'T want to be. I really shouldn't moan. It took over 3yrs for us to conceive Sian. But we were spoilt with Beth and conceived the first real try (1month after Sian's 1st birthday) It's a month after Boo's 2nd birthday and we're still trying. Mind you it'd be nice to wrap an HPT and stick it in Clive's stocking... hmmm wonder if that's a feasibilty! Guess he's getting jumped on every day till AF is here again (hope she's not as mean this time as she has been in the past!)

Must make myself an

appointemnt with my GP. I'm still feeling dizzy off and on. And nauseous (defintley NOT pregnant!!) and my knee is still playing up. More if anything now that i've actually got a support for it. it hurts just walking the 0.7mi to stay and play whereas a few mos ago it only hurt when i was trampolining

Sian's growing up far too

fast for me! she's been going to bed with no nappy for a week. 4/7 nights she was dry. 1 she wet literally 30mins before waking. 1 she was out so late that she was drinking right up to bedtime and 1 jsut the luck of the draw. I've taken to plonkin' her on the pot before i go to sleep though. and varying the time! sometimes it works otehr she jsut whispers no and goes back to sleep.

There's been a

French market (dreadfully sinful biscuits!), funfair and ice rink locally this weekend. The funfair sucked (think 3 kids rides and 3 adult rides plus 2 take all your money stalls and a funhouse) and the icerink was barely big enough to take one stride on. I'd planned to elt the girls try skateing- and get DH and I back into it- but 1) they were frozen solid and 2) I wasn't paying £20 for 30mins of skating on cardboard. The girls are now the proud owners of new hats and gloves though FINALLY! and a new sweater each as previously they only had 2 each. mind you they still only have enough for one on and one in the wash the way they go through clothes!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm too old for theme parks!

Or at least, my body is trying to tell me something of that sort. Else it's berating me for not eating totally healthy on Sunday (whilst *at* said theme park!)

All I know is the porcelain throne and 3am should only been seen together when pregnant. Which I'm not (well, as far as I know...CD18 is a tad early to tell, even with a 24day cycle) Today. I ache ALL OVER. Even trying to take my Peak Flow and Symbicort had to be done holding my ribs. That gotta give an indication of which muscles (all!) i used up yesterday.

I walked up to Hounslow West earlier...only about a mile... and didn't have the energy to take the girls to the park on teh way home. lucky for me it started to rain! (sian by the way likes the rain, but not the wind) The kids were happy though. THey got pic n mix and some my little ponies... now sian knows how to wrangle things out of mama. wait till she's ill and she says yes to most anything!

shower and bed in order now. hope thers some hot water this time. the poor kids froze in tehir shower earlier. it is so getting old. acn't wait to be moved from here. maybe now *is* a good time to get pregnant again! might even get moved by christmas (that'd be a lovely xmas presssie!)

The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List

(shamelessly pinched from elsewhere!)
From Secular Homeschooling Magazine, Issue #1

1 Please stop asking us if it's legal. If it is — and it is — it's insulting to imply that we're criminals. And if we were criminals, would we admit it?

2 Learn what the words "socialize" and "socialization" mean, and use the one you really mean instead of mixing them up the way you do now. Socializing means hanging out with other people for fun. Socialization means having acquired the skills necessary to do so successfully and pleasantly. If you're talking to me and my kids, that means that we do in fact go outside now and then to visit the other human beings on the planet, and you can safely assume that we've got a decent grasp of both concepts.

3 Quit interrupting my kid at her dance lesson, scout meeting, choir practice, baseball game, art class, field trip, park day, music class, 4H club, or soccer lesson to ask her if as a homeschooler she ever gets to socialize.

4 Don't assume that every homeschooler you meet is homeschooling for the same reasons and in the same way as that one homeschooler you know.

5 If that homeschooler you know is actually someone you saw on TV, either on the news or on a "reality" show, the above goes double.

6 Please stop telling us horror stories about the homeschoolers you know, know of, or think you might know who ruined their lives by homeschooling. You're probably the same little bluebird of happiness whose hobby is running up to pregnant women and inducing premature labor by telling them every ghastly birth story you've ever heard. We all hate you, so please go away.

7 We don't look horrified and start quizzing your kids when we hear they're in public school. Please stop drilling our children like potential oil fields to see if we're doing what you consider an adequate job of homeschooling.

8 Stop assuming all homeschoolers are religious.

9 Stop assuming that if we're religious, we must be homeschooling for religious reasons.

10 We didn't go through all the reading, learning, thinking, weighing of options, experimenting, and worrying that goes into homeschooling just to annoy you. Really. This was a deeply personal decision, tailored to the specifics of our family. Stop taking the bare fact of our being homeschoolers as either an affront or a judgment about your own educational decisions.

11 Please stop questioning my competency and demanding to see my credentials. I didn't have to complete a course in catering to successfully cook dinner for my family; I don't need a degree in teaching to educate my children. If spending at least twelve years in the kind of chew-it-up-and-spit-it-out educational facility we call public school left me with so little information in my memory banks that I can't teach the basics of an elementary education to my nearest and dearest, maybe there's a reason I'm so reluctant to send my child to school.

12 If my kid's only six and you ask me with a straight face how I can possibly teach him what he'd learn in school, please understand that you're calling me an idiot. Don't act shocked if I decide to respond in kind.

13 Stop assuming that because the word "home" is right there in "homeschool," we never leave the house. We're the ones who go to the amusement parks, museums, and zoos in the middle of the week and in the off-season and laugh at you because you have to go on weekends and holidays when it's crowded and icky.

14 Stop assuming that because the word "school" is right there in homeschool, we must sit around at a desk for six or eight hours every day, just like your kid does. Even if we're into the "school" side of education — and many of us prefer a more organic approach — we can burn through a lot of material a lot more efficiently, because we don't have to gear our lessons to the lowest common denominator.

15 Stop asking, "But what about the Prom?" Even if the idea that my kid might not be able to indulge in a night of over-hyped, over-priced revelry was enough to break my heart, plenty of kids who do go to school don't get to go to the Prom. For all you know, I'm one of them. I might still be bitter about it. So go be shallow somewhere else.

16 Don't ask my kid if she wouldn't rather go to school unless you don't mind if I ask your kid if he wouldn't rather stay home and get some sleep now and then.

17 Stop saying, "Oh, I could never homeschool!" Even if you think it's some kind of compliment, it sounds more like you're horrified. One of these days, I won't bother disagreeing with you any more.

18 If you can remember anything from chemistry or calculus class, you're allowed to ask how we'll teach these subjects to our kids. If you can't, thank you for the reassurance that we couldn't possibly do a worse job than your teachers did, and might even do a better one.

19 Stop asking about how hard it must be to be my child's teacher as well as her parent. I don't see much difference between bossing my kid around academically and bossing him around the way I do about everything else.

20 Stop saying that my kid is shy, outgoing, aggressive, anxious, quiet, boisterous, argumentative, pouty, fidgety, chatty, whiny, or loud because he's homeschooled. It's not fair that all the kids who go to school can be as annoying as they want to without being branded as representative of anything but childhood.

21 Quit assuming that my kid must be some kind of prodigy because she's homeschooled.

22 Quit assuming that I must be some kind of prodigy because I homeschool my kids.

23 Quit assuming that I must be some kind of saint because I homeschool my kids.

24 Stop talking about all the great childhood memories my kids won't get because they don't go to school, unless you want me to start asking about all the not-so-great childhood memories you have because you went to school.

25 Here's a thought: If you can't say something nice about homeschooling, shut up!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brrr! Heating broke. AGAIN

yup, you read right. our heating packed up for the second time this year (so, we're onto 3 heating malfunctions in 2 years. brilliatn) The engineer came to fix it today. Told him the whole system had been flushed out and he phone through for the part needed to fix it (hopefully once and for all) he'll be back tomrow- a hwole day earlier than i expected!

The Monster (AKA asthma)

I'm bidding on a nebuliser on ebay ( and have defintley gone over what i can realistically afford. but i really do benefit from a neb treatment when the ventolin needs taking every 1-3hrs (and that tends to be when i'm on max symbicort and prednisone as well.) i don't even want to use it ALL. the time. probably only 2-3x year.

Weightloss (1/4 of the way there and....)

i seem to have plateaued the weight loss a little bit. but not gained either which is good! i will get back on track with it. in spite of us having our wedding anniversary chinese tonight instead of tomrow (ok, it's pizza tomorrow but thats for the kids)


No secret that I would love one more. Our health visitor rang me earlier. will i go accross the road and say hi to a new mum in the area. She has a little girl. Didn't tell me said little girl is a 2wk old cutie pie! Beth now wants to share her birthday with a baby. And Sian jsut wants a baby! Oh, they'd both like Mamma to have a girl LOL i todl them we get what we're given. I'm jsut glad they haven't asked *how* the baby gets there yet!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


getting ready to show them off!
checking their hair and make up.... and hats!
sian, sucking a lemon! (she wasn't)
beth looking anywhere but at the camera!
finally! sian and beth showing of their creations

Saturday, October 27, 2007


"If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers."
-Anonymous Chinese Adage

Breathing is one of the most overlooked aspects of good health. Oxygen is fuel for the brain and for the body. Good, clean amounts of it boost physical and mental performance and lowers stress. Whatever area you're building a foundation upon, your progress will only be helped by plenty of fresh oxygen supplied by proper Breathing.
(Courtesy of )

I found this while searching for a motivational quote to keep me focused. I'm thinking "baby steps" is always a good one for me, I tend to try and run before I can walk. That, or "aim for the sky, you may hit the top of a tree" the sky is 140lbs.... the top of the tree is 150lbs. I'll be happy with the top of the tree.

I like this one too....

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence."
-Calvin Coolidge

Being persistent is extremely important when you are trying to implement a change in your life. You will accomplish much more by constantly trying than constantly giving up. Consistency is how you build a solid foundation. Without consistency forming good habits to replace bad ones or new habits to make life better will be virtually impossible. Of course, there will be failure…but that is when persistence becomes even more important. You must remind yourself of the concept two steps forward, one step back. You will overcome the failure and bypass it with even more success.

It's true for me too. I've had some set backs, but it really ahs been persistence that's seen me lose 32lbs in 2mos. I've gained and lost a few here and there (just about to do it again, darned periods!) but I know if i stick to it, I'll make it. Soooooo, I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hampton Court

Thats where we went today. We were going to go to the Tower Of London, but weatehr and lack of funds stopped us. At least, we would have had to pay for transport to the Tower, we'd have got free admission (thanks to a lovely Mummy who works for Historic Royal Palaces!)

S&B made hats (will get pics of them off C's camera later...) and then S tried on a REAL one. And Mum did a copy of an edwardian outfit... quite well too! But the highlight of the Clore Learning Center was...... the dragon hanging from the ceiling! we found a dragon outside too... and a lion and a unicorn. The doors to the centre were amazing. Solid bronze mini statues depicting various activities that would take place at Hampton Court.

After that we walked the mile (the long way!) to ride the Land Train roudn the gardens (rip off at £2/each for a 15min ride) oh, via the Privy Kitchens for a coffee break for dad. Biiiig problem in their! They do *THE* best fridge cake .... highly calorific... so i shared it with the kids! All the foods are made on teh premises, daily. If you ever want a proper fresh meal (although expensive, Mums staff pass comes into it's own there) then I highly reccomend Hampton Court.

Grabbed our Lunches and ate in the rain... yup, you read that right. We headed to the Tiltyard Cafe for lunch, buit it was sooo busy they shut it. Clive, Sian, Beth and I ate in the rain otuside. Poor kids were frrrrreeeeeezin' ah, they loved it though, specially when they'd finished and were running in and out of the grasses nearby (muddy clothes they have!) went home soon after that. Kids and Grandparents were too tired to stay. Wouldn't beleive it the way S&B didn't go to sleep till 8pm though!

Monday, October 22, 2007


As promised, a photo of Pierrot. Of course, you have to bend to one side to see him! The sizes need a little refinement, but he WORKS!

If anyone has any ideas how I can cut my oldests nails without a force 5 freak out... while she's *awake* i'll be grateful. Bribery doesnt work, nor does reasoning (she is only 3 LOL) while she's asleep is no longer an option either *sigh*

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh dear me...

I came downstairs and found Sian had cut her sisters hair *EEK* with my hairdressing scissors *EEEEEEEK* NOT amused! Mind you, she didn't do too bad a job, and it doesn't show too much eitehr. There is now hair all over my living room!

i made a cardboard pierrot marrionette in art over the past two weeks (photo to follow!) and donated it to the family room for their "Pink Week" in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Next week they're doing all sorts of fundraisers and fun things including a disco, penny jar and raffle.

I made the decision to not do the virgin vie and stick to avon. cause all the people i know bar ONE are avon people. and whatever the area manager says, it's NOT that easy to get VV customers round here with 2 U5s tagging along and no transport (although London has a good public transport system, it can still be very unreliable)

We got the wii... can't remember if i said! And at the moment i'm the house boxing champion. Not that DH will let me beat him at even that for very long *sigh* I never can have something for myself!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silly Soup

Prize for anyone who can guess what the soup du jour was at the community cafe today from that title!

We had a "try new foods" day today. lunch time was "silly soup" (yes, i'll let you know at the end!) and at tea time i mashed some butternut squash up with some sunflower spread. Sian didn't like either, Beth liked both. It was Sian who wanted the squash and Beth the soup LOL. Must say, the soup was rather peppery. I didn't like the roasted squash when i did it when Sian was teeny tiny.

Ok, Silly Soup was.... Celery. I don't like celery but I did like the soup. I liked the butternut squash mash too, and put it ontop of some veggie mince mix to freeze for later use.


I have it, bad. My freind had her 2nd baby last monday. I avoided her like the plague all the time I was on abx. didn't think she needed her own bout of tonsillitis to deal wiht as well as a toddler and new born! But i'm better now and we had gifts to deliver. So the girls and I went round to see A and Baby S. A was ecstatic with his mask (he loved the girls ones, and Sian chose him a blue one the same style but different design). I can't wait for N to bring the baby to be weighed LOL. I'll let her family get new baby fever out of their systems first!


That was flavour of the day today. The girls watched all 4 DVDs over the course of the day. They know all the signs now though. Must try and get the 2 new DVDs for them for christmas. And find somewhere to learn BSL for myself as the person I had lined up to teach them hasn't contacted me at all. They were really looking forward to learning to talk without speaking.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Long one from me...

Sian and Beth modelling Granny Mary's handiwork. I couldn't get them to take them off!

Oh thank goodness for that! I'm no longer on Dial Up (thank you DH and the world of credit! but £12/month for 4yrs isn't too bad.. we need £400 for a new sofa in 6mos and i'm really struggling to keep the £100/mos i put aside!

Since my last post we've been on holiday (free is always good!), Baby Beth turned 2 (not really a baby any more), We bought a Wii.... good workout. I love the boxing! and a lovely parcel turned up from my Mum in America .. I've added the picture which isn't super cause i took it with my camera phone which is rather naff!


I took the girls to Snakes and Ladders (£10 entry OUCH), fed them tehre (another £13 double ouch), let them have a couple of rides (£1.50) and then we went for a walk in Syon Gardens (bargain of the day £1) oh, and they had cake in teh cafe there (£5 more EEK!) and let me not forget the sweeties they bought as we left S&L another £1.75.. needless to say out of £40 I didn't have too much left!


Mr Saunders house (which if you're familiar with AA Milne, you'll know is where Winnie ther Pooh lives) we didn't find Piglets house though. We saw some GIANT Gunnera's... Rhubarbs are descended from them.... and the girls saw different mosses and algae as well as geese and swans.


tell you about my new venture and goals...

Join me at:

Get a Free Online Diet

so far i'm down between 20-25lbs depending on the day! but it's working well and I fit in clothes i haven't for some time.


I went into NEXT the other day and tried on a size 18 dress... that fitted! I've decided that my ultimate reward will be a new outfit from NEXT. I've already earned (bought too!) a new pair of tracksuit bottoms. Mind you I NEEDED them as well! Now i need a new sports bra!


A bad year for me health wise... to date i've had laryngitis 6x (got so i can tell when i'm in for another bout of it!), tonsillitis 2x - jsut finished my abx for taht... thank goodness. I just had to experience the side effects didn't i? My asthma has been super hard to control... to the tune of pred at least every 6wks (yucky, yucky, yucky!)

now i have repeat prescriptions for the symbicort and ventolin for 6mos at the chemist and a rx at home for pred. and abx. mind you, the asthma rarely flares up from infection. And i need to find out about a nebulizer, but i think that isn't going ot happen as they can't be prescribed.... i jsut don't HAVE a spare £100. so it's "haler and spacer" for me then.


trying to move out of this property... and still TTC our last munchkin. although after the 2.5hrs before I got her to bed iwth Sian i wonder if i'm mad! She's normally very sweet, but when she's bad, she's horrid!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Pics...

Sian looking down a cardboard tube. I love how this came out!

Sian and Beth at Paultons Park on the Kids "Log Flume" Sian was a smidge too short for me to let her on the big ride (she wanted to go, and would have loved it)

Sian and Beth on the Ladybirds. The girls went on more rides than Clive and I did in the end LOL. Ah well.

Even Daddy's can nurse if the babe wants it enough! I always knew he had a feminine side ;o)

All dressed up to go round the chocolate factory. Beth wouldn't keep the hairnet on so she ended up in the stroller with the hood up (which she hates just as much as hats)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cookery Lesson

today we baked an apple cake with fresh apples. mmm. mind you, we have NOOO idea how it came out yet! i'll find out later i hope.


4tbsp (appr. 4oz) self raising flour
4tbsp (appr. 40z) caster sugar
4 oz (ish!!) butter
2 medium eggs
2 large(ish) cooking apples, peeled & grated
1tsp cinnamon

grease a cake tin well and bake in a preheated oven at 200 for 20mins (roughly)

Beth counted out the spoons of sugar- wiht a little assistance. Sian did the flour all by herself and then they "miscked" those two ingredients together. Both kids (with help) cracked an egg into the mix and stirred it. Then Mama added the butter and apple/cinnamon mix and we gave it a good ol' stirring together. add a couple of kisses for luck! transfer to greased cake tin. give the kids the bowl to lick out and put in hot oven.

Paulton's Park

Requires a picnic for 9. Yup, nine people. So we went to tescos to get the ingredients for it. The girls had to remember certain items. And Beth excelled as she remembered the milk that Mama forgot! MInd you, she also started eating the cheese triangles before i'd even got to the checkout LOL.

Signing with Justin

aka 20mins in front of the box. There was an episode I've never seen today. The girls both picked up the sign for "digger" and later on, they both used signs around and about. Sian noticed that some toys had been placed in a box so they looked like they were signing "butterfly"

Yesterday we

put on some rock n roll and had a "dance lesson" for 30mins. who said pe had to be football/netball/rounders LOL. Today, Sian tried out some ballet and she's not too bad at a couple of karate moves either (front kick & basic punch) pity i can't get her into a karate session till she's 5.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

we played with

my brother in law's Wii today. Great fun! I was teh only one to KO in the boxing first round. i also found that i can use it in either hand so thats good too. the kids tried the golf (but found that a bit hard) and managed pretty well with bowling. we'll defintley get kids games for them. oh, and yes, we're DEFINTLY getting one for christmas!! the question is (as we're planning on getting it in Nov.) will it stay in the box till christmas??

we were meant to go to a freinds yesterday. in the end i felt so bad with stomach cramps that we didn't. instead, we went to DFS and bought a sofa! about time mind, we've been making do wiht a few chairs. and this one reclines- on both seats!

i also set us up with more tv channels... jsut so we had teh sports for his highness. mind you, i'm looking foreward to haveing someo f th eother channels. and i can also use them for the kids to learn!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

where did my baby go?

Beth has decided that it's "big girl knickers" for her as well. she went from 8.30am to 3.30pm with NO accidents. and then Sian decided that she was going to sit on the potty for 5mins when Beth needed to go. Methinks we may need a new potty chair for Beth LOL

It's not funny but...

i seem to have a HUGE bruise on my humorus (pun intended)i can't *see* it but by heck it hurts to lean on my right elbow. And it aches very easily when i'm doing chores.

I have 4 BOXES

of avon stock in my house at the moment. I'm not sure waht to do with it. Wonder if I'll ever get an answer as to how much it will cost me to hire the creative space up at the hub. that would be an ideal space as ALL the mums go there at some point. And they can also get a coffee (tea/juice), use the library or make use of stay and play.

Clive finished work

for the summer Saturday. He has a whopping 2wks off. And he's working tomrow! Ah well. I have pinned him down to a trip to Swindon to see a freind on Saturday and we're going to for a trip on AUG 22. now, will i get my pics off the camera before we go.. and will i remember to download the ones i take when we're at the theme park? We shall see LOL

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I really must get

a blue tooth adaptor so i can download pics from my phone to my computer. i lost so many cute ones from my old phone cause i had no way of saving them to my pc bar email (and that costs credit!)

we went to a family funday today. most the activities were free. and the ones we paid for were no more than 50p each. the kids got a pile of lollipops LOL. not that they've had any yet. they're going in my sweet jar for future use. i did get photos of the kids (there were 6 of them altogether, although the neices decided to go and do their own thing) on the roundaboutn and fire engine. oh and in the playground.

I think the highlight of the day for Sian was having Owein and Jessi. oh and the fact she got sausage and chips for tea... again! Still when you're walking back to GrannyJans at 4:45 and tea is 5-5.30ish....

The Shower...

is up to it's old tricks again. do you *know* how much scalding hot water on sore boobies hurts? LOTS is teh correct answer. I'm jsut glad that the shower didn't get hot while the girls were in it. it did go freezeing cold though. aaaaargh! the heating is fixed, teh radiators flushed. now waht?

Wednesday is ...

BBQ day. as the weather this week is looking likely to be nice, we're BBQing on Weds. mind you, it'll probably rain now knowing my luck LOL. however. freinds, food and fun will be the order of the day :o) i'm off to iceland on Tuesday to get the supplies!

Thursday I have to decide

wether to just pick Carla and Leah up from trampolining. or take Sian and beth for a jump too. i'm sure Del won't mind. Chris might bring Jess and Owein as well which would be cool. I'm not sure but i think we're going to the chinese that night. we'll see!

My sister sent my

Ann Summers order and hairdressing scissors up with Mum and Dad. I christened the scissors this morning on the girls' firnges. Not bad for a first attempt. and Beth was wriggling (she got poked in the head :o( which i thought for a second was her eye) and Sian's hair is so uneven I really might have to shave it all off and start again!

i ordered a cute top from AS and my bloody boobs are too big for it :'O( *waaaah* at least my PJs fit (and are comfy. i'm going to AS exclusively for PJs I think!!) now to decide whether to send the top back to my sister to return or take it instore for voucerhs. hmmm.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

well we have...

a whole new guttering and drain pipe. and a mown front garden and trimmed hedges. we won't go into the back garden. but the landlord has left the hedge trimmer (no more struggling with shears then)

yesterday they came and flushed through the whole radiator system (and it was deeeesgusting!) that took over 2hrs to clean out. but the shower really does work now. the housing officer was actually good forsomething apart from putting me in a bad mood! mind you, the house has gone from being icy cold to over heated. lol and thas only on 3 radiators. i've turned the heating down, but it's still hot in here!

Sian and Beth had a blast cycling and rollerskating before they were banished indoors for the day (we wasted a day cause people didn't/couldn't turn up to ours and then it wasn't safe for them to be out in the garden) then poor beth fell out the back door and poor sian fell down the stairs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We have heat and hot water again! The gas engineer came at 8:10a (for an 8-10a appt) and was gone by 8.50. leaving us warming up nicely, and ready to wash up dishes and bodies! The shower might even work properly again. At least, the girls showered tonight instead of me giveing them a bath in the baby bath :o)

Housing Officer

came to see the house today. her general assesment was that the place is a tip. i know it's cluttered. we have nowhere to store any thing. and i know the kitchen sink needed cleaning. i've had no hot water for 36hrs. it took a whopping 10mins to do while the kids watched telly this afternoon.

she was happy with their room "at least they keep their room nice and tidy" was what she said. actually, mama does. and that's cause they're rarely allowed to play in there.

I must be a bad mother then. can't keep the house tidy or clean a sink. or mow a lawn (nowhere to store a lawn mower, nor money to buy one). oh or trim a hedge (that is about 8ft tall)

in all, i feel like my best isn't good enough and i might as well just not be here.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Oh Come ON weather peoples! It's the middle of JULY! and it's wet. and warm about75% of the time. But still....

We have no heating (so 4am is going ot be COOOOOLD) and no hot water so no shower for us or bath for the kids (they're still bathed in teh baby bath. they're too bloomin' big!) we're going to mums tomrow for 3 reasons:

1) pop into the nursery and get sian registered for september
2) put the books out that a charity shop is collecting

Sunday, July 22, 2007


if anyone can figure out a way i can cut sian's nails without a battle (she *used* to fall asleep on me) then I'd LOOOOOVE to know it. It's not like i can do it when she's asleep anymore as i'd have to turn on the bedroom light.... that'd wake both of them up.


Beth took my face in her hands earlier. Pulled it round to face her and planted a kiss on my lips. She woudln't do it again LOL she just kept pushing me away.

Harry Potter 7

I get to read Stevie's copy again! I just have to *buy* it. So till then I'm avoiding anything HP like the plague. I even managed NOT to read more than the back cover in tescos earlier!!


I did a sainsburys online order as we were short of fresh food and Clive's wroking most days till Aug 11. HOW can you run out of milk (full fat cows milk, i'd understand if it was goats milk!!) and ham? So we still had to go to tescos. Should have gotten some bread too. I swear I'm living off sandwiches at the moment...


Well, much as I try to deny it heh. It was suggested though that I get my GP (and the Health Visitor will also write for me) to write to the housing people saying that the house we're in is affecting my asthma badly. As I'm looking at my 4th burst of pred (yuck, i'm trying to avoid it!) since December, there may be something in it. Previously I've only taken it 3x in 10yrs.

House Clearance/ Ebay

But as we're likely to be here for the considerable future. I think I'm going to do a whole pile of EBay listings and if things don't sell after 2 listings, then they'll either be donated or taken to the tip. (I am SOOOO not including my books in this, even if they are stuck under the stairs!)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

waiting for robbie

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

White Stuff!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rain, Rain, Go away!

Don't come back another day! Also known as, oh my it's WET here. Every time I tried to leave my mums today it started raining *again* in the end I asked dad nicely if he'd bring us home. we still got saturated on the short journey from the car to the front door.

We walked to see our Housing Officer yesterday as we couldn't get through on the phone. When we LEFT it wasn't raining. By the time we got to the end of the road we really should have given up as a bad job. We carried on to town. On the way BACK, we ended up being taken in by a very kind lady who saw us splashing home through a torrential thunder storm. We totally flooded the poor womans' house it was taht wet. I need to think of a nice thank you for her. She gave the girls a snack (it was lunchtime when we went into hers, and yes i'm fully aware of stranger danger LOL) and a drink and let us shelter till Clive came and got us.


Did I tell about the girls bedroom door coming off the hinge? I must get a picutre. The door ahs split at the top. THe repair "should be completed by 07/09/2007" really? that soon? that'd be nice. till then i'll just hold my breath every time the girls play in their bedroom. I can't even take the door off and store it somewhere. Clive and I are *STILL* living out of boxes.

We are a "standard band C" according to housing. In other words, we may as well assume we're going to be here pretty much forever. Unless something medical means we need a different home. SO, it's a 5.30am start for the girls of the house so we can be out and on the bus by 7am and the latest to get over to the parents to see to tehir needs- at least i get paid for it i guess. but i couldn't let some stranger put the damned pressure bandages on mums legs for her. they're a PITA.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh My Gosh!

Sian and Elisabeth have more clothes than I know what to do with! I just tried to get some sort of order on their rails. And there are more to hang! Methinks that a good sort through would be a plan. I'm pretty sure folks will get them clothes for birthday/christmas too- This year, take them off my hands for a day instead!!

I found someone willing to teach Sian British Sign Language for 30min/week :o) Most 3yos have stopped using the baby signs, but not mine. She enjoys signing and I would love her to have that for an extra language. We have another couple of weeks of Tiny Talk to go as well and then that'll be it. All done. Beth will be 2 before the next course starts I think. If not we may sign up again, they both love it.

Last year for christmas we took the girls to see CBeebies Live! They enjoyed it so much we're doing it again this year! Courtesy of GrannyJan and Grandad. I can't wait to see how much MORE beth enjoys the show this time. They both wanted to go back and watch again. We're going to try and save up some extra money this time! But for our family prestents? Well, we're just getinng one between us..... a Nintendo Wii!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hope this works! this is sian doing an impression of a cartoon turtle! we got the girls pics done last week.. no week before. and this is just one of the results. they came out well (as usual LOL)

I need to find the details again, but we're entering beth into a competition to be a magazine cover model (for a childrens store) we'd enter sian but she's too old!

i know i'm slacking. i still haven't got the vacation pics up LOL

My asthma nurse left the drs surgery tuesday...and the GP who has been there since the day dot is leaving in august. Hope they keep the other nurse and GP on though!

Will we ever get rehoused?? sian thought she'd broken the bedrrom door. it came of the hinge because it was not put up properly... and has split at the top. can't see how a 28lb 95cm shrimp could do that- even if she was swinging it!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poor Sian's had a

BAAAAAAD day. First, she tripped over her own feet and smacked her head on a metal fence (ouchee!) Then, she fought with her sister over a flannel resulting in her being bit on the bum (mind you, i did warn her to let beth *have* the flannel or it would happen) and finally, she knocked over a table right on top of her cracking the glass that was on it (at least it didn't break, huh) And then she was late to bed resulting in a bad tempered little madam! But they did get fed at mcdonalds as we were out at tea time.

I'm sure Transport for London (TfL) say only one pushchair on a bus at a time for a reason. I must be the ONLY person who folds up the damned thing if my childs not sitting in it. Today, as beth was eating i didn't. but the two otehr people who got on the bus with pushchairs could have. one got on carrying his child and with an unfolded stroller, the other was a rude lady who argued with me as someone had been rude to me in the first place and then took her child OUT of the pushchair and left it blocking the space. its hard to move out of a space where a pushchair is blocking you in. and i was brought up to say "excuse me" not "oi woman" as it happened i was trying to give her more room to put the darned thing and then couldn't get out cause she was blocking me in.

i'm so bad at the photo thing, huh? i still have our EASTER holiday pics in my email inbox. never mind any we took in june. mind you, most the good ones are on clives camera. we need to get a bluetooth adaptor (and hope the pc will play) to get them downloaded. AND we jsut got the last of the girls watch me grow pics done. we're going to order them tuesday, as i'll have the CD the copy right will be mine, all mine so i can share quite happily

and now, i'm going to bed before i get qwerty face! night all

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It didn't want to be with me any more......!

My mobile phone that is! I put it down on top of a quilt and a towel and 30seconds later (yup, that long) it slid right off them and into a pint of lemonade, not touching the sides as it went. As it wasn't on the edge of the pile and didn't even hit the rim of the glass, i can only assume it felt over worked and under paid and wanted an easy out!! Pity i've lost some really cute pics now though- unless they're saved to my SIM... and we were just talking about a blue tooth adaptor to get the pics from the phones to the computer.

Sian appears to have lost all her "T's" from her speech over night *sigh* it's really frustrating me as I don't drop them that much. I know where she's got it from though so I fear I may have to limit how often her freind comes over until she starts speaking properly again.

Hehehe. There is *exactly* a 5lbs weight difference between the girls, it's always been about that but I think Beth may catch Sian up now LOL this time last year Sian was 24lbs 3oz and this year Beth is 23lbs 7oz! I think we may be turning Beth forward facing at 2 rather than 2.5/3 like Sian was.

We go away for two weeks saturday!! I can't wait to get down to Wales and into cleaner, fresher air. We're trying to think up some trips to take while we're there as well. Probably one to a fun fair (, one to Techniquest ( and we're not sure where else apart from DVLA to hopefully get my licence... we'll see.

Some idiot took £216 instead of £150 out of our bank account (how on EARTH can you do that???) and we're waiting for it to be replaced by check today... hmm that ones done. i think we may go and ask for the cash tomorow now.

can't think of anything else for this post. I do need to do a homeschool one though and i can't remember the address or password!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Given the choice

between shopping in Bravissimo and at Top Drawer. I'll take Top Drawer *every* time. I was after a sport bra today so thought i'd try bravissimo- after all they're meant to cater to the alrger chested lady.

the service was so....... impersonal. and . i dunno. i jsut didn't like it at all. there was no OFFER of any help. and when i couldnt find my way roudn the store ther was no guidance. No, I didn't get a sports bra either lol. i did get another nursing one though. i'm just a boob to those girls!

after bravissimo, it was hammersmith for us. clive got some new tee shirts. i am SO going through our clothes next week and THROWING some out!! and the girls got new towels (one minnie and one mickey) and i got a pillow with classic mickey on it. so soft and cuddly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

OMG my little shrimpy baby got big!

All of a sudden the potty training issue clicked. We've had a few accidents but nowhere near as many as i thought we would. Sian's been in big girl knickers since sunday afternoon! I thought she'd NEVER train! Typicaly i just spent out money on training pants *sigh*

Rain brellas and bless you paper have been changed into their usual umbrella and tissue :o( i'll miss those sian-isms. they were so logical

this morning she woke me up by shouting at me she was dressed *sob* my big girl had got herself totally changed from her cloth nappy and PJs into te outfit we chose last night.

She's most defitnley a bigger big a big girl now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did I mention that....

I got all modern and bought me an MP3 player? in pink no less LOL. I'm hoping to be able to rescue my music from the pc onto it (and add more of course!)mind you, i'm not so sure when i'll get to listen to it as i've always got the kids with me.... when i'm online after they're in

Bed. tonight they didn't want to go to bed OR to sleep. i am now a VERY cranky mama. Beth finally fell asleep at around 8.30-9. Sian on the other hand didn't even get her butt back INTO bed till gone 11pm. Even more annoying was they'd both already fallen asleep in the car and were just being little brats. oh, and i'm jsut a pair of

Boobs. This week is world breast feeding week. If you haven't, sign the breast feeding manifesto @ I passionatley beleive that a nursing mama should be able to nurse her baby ANYWHERE. after all, you don't complain at a baby being bottle fed in public, do you?

I've decided to give up teaching trampolining. Actually, I'm considering giving it up altogether, but I'm not sure. At least it doesn't *cost* me anything! But back to the giving up teaching. I want to spend more time with my family. Saturday is the only day we can feasibly do anything as a family and trampolining rather cuts into that as it's 1-4 and the whold day is a rush. We're going to take the kids to swimming lessons in septemer instead we hope. I fimly beleive that swimming si a skill everyone should learn. even if it's only enough to get them out of trouble.

I desperatley ned to learn to drive. I have commitements all over the place now and one of them is helping my mother for 11.5hrs a week.... if i could drive to theirs and then back to surestart it would make life all round so much easier. guess i'm on the look out for cheap driving lessons then huh. the cheapest i've found is £28/hr. then i'll need childcare while i do the lesson...that's most likely going to set me back *anotehr* £24...darnit it's an expensive

Need. Just like the trainer pants i've invested in. I shelled out £25 yesterday on 2 pairs and £30 today on another 3. One of these kids better potty train! preferably the big one who's stretching my fuzzinbunz!!

I emailed me the pictures of our holidays now. I'll get them downloaded and shared as soon as possible. there are some really nice ones tehre, and some not so good ones too. I'm also looking into a bluetooth adaptor so i can blue tooth the pics from my phone onto here. i don't want to lose them if i get a new phone!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I guess I had to do it sometime....

the potty training entry that is!

Sian is so uninterested in anything in the way of potty training. She wants to wear "big girl knickers" but then proceeds to wee through them (one day she went through 8pairs in 90mins... with the potty in the garden with her) She doesn't like "despicable" nappies... and they cost a fortune, but our Fuzzi Bunz are just so cute (and she loves the different colours and prints!)

Beth on the other hand actually will *ask* to "wee wee" while pulling at her nether regions. It's actually safer to leave her nekkid than her sister. Today she used the potty 4 times. I'm so proud of my baby :o)

Last Weds in creche, Sian took herself off to the "too-let" without anyone knowing- well, till they saw the wet nappy! She managed to use teh loo twice that morning but then proceeded to stand *righ in front* of the potty chair she prmised me she'd use when i shelled out £15 for it and wee on the floor. At least Beth uses that though... oh, in fact, she's the one that christened it. All alone in a pull up, I went downstairs after taking something up to fine a lone nappy on the floor. Asked Sian who had the bare bum to be told it was beth (yup) and *then* discovered she'd christend the potty all on her own doing! Heehee, I was actually proud of my baby and her poo-ing ability!

Ok, lets get off the toilet talk! And onto the DH (ok, so it's not "dear" today) Working backwards then....

If you're giving the kids a *bedtime* bath, you don't shout and scream and threaten them. Nor do you apologise for above behaviour thus

"sorry i shouted at you, but you've got to start listening to me... ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? STOP THAT!"

If I've *asked* them to be quiet, you don't then go and shout at them to be quiet, don't you think that rather defeats the purpose, oh and makes me madder and then want to shout at YOU, arsehole.

Don't SULK if i ask you to hlep. Or if I point out that you don't even OFFER to help. I just love being the one standing in the rain packing the car while you proceed to just get in it after getting Sian in.

"I was just goinig to do that" usally 30+mins ago isn't *just* going to do it. It's i'll do it when i'm ready. which is why i jsut washed up YOUR pan, you said YOU'd wash up on WEDNESDAY

and how come i get to deal with teh kids almost 24/7 while you moan about having them for a few hours once a week, while they're mainly asleep. how would you cope if i just upped and left you.

ok. rant over, but he'd better start pulling his weight (i'm going back to schoold day chores charts for him, he doesn't even hoover 1xweek) and grow up or i will be taking further action.... wonder how he'd feel if i went on strike..........

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Wow. It's been a long time. And my computer gets worse and worse. Mind you, the problems have been happening since we got Virgin Media instead of Telewest... Hmmm. Now it likes to freeze up at random intervals and just switch off for no reason. Very annoying when you are mid chat with someone. And forget having AIM, Yahoo! and MSN running together. The other thing it lieks to do is lag behind what you're typing. So i can happily type a full sentence to go back and retype it due to my bad spelling *sigh* Clive says we'll try for a new PC in the summer. (apart from the "new" problems it has no CD rom drive, no sound, doesn't switch on and off properly and only has 2/6 USB ports working) Must be time to try and store my pics eleswhere or lose them.

So.. Next. As a female there are 2 areas that i don't skimp the cash on. The feet and .. yup, the boobage. My feet are happy at the moment with some crocs and some reebok pumps. Yesterday the girls got treated to a new nursing bra. What a difference there was going into a specialist lingerie shop and just going to mothercare! I am the proud owner of a 36H... as opposed to the 44DD i had on previously. What a difference! I feel supported... my boobage is in shock. Even better? I can get some cute bras from Bravissimo! now :o) well, if i ever get some spare cash. I do have one on order from the shop in Sunningdale as well (so that'll be 2 bras that aren't humungous plain white or black LOL)

While i was in the shop, Clive took the kids to the park. BETH went up a twirly slid and came down it on her belly- alone!it wasn't a toddler sized slide either. My baby has a daredevil streak in her. The girls also played in the sandpit and climbed and swung. Gettig n them OUT of the park was hard. I've hjd to promise they can go back witha picnic! Not that I midn, it's a nice park to jsut sit and wtach them in.

I have got some gorgeous "kodak moments" stored in my brain from the past few days.

Sian "reading" to Beth: Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar
"first he ated 4 marshmallows.. then he ated 5 strawberries"
Later that night i foud them asleep together in beth's ot. beth cuddling her bear and sian at the head of the cot cuddling the book!

there are more but it's taken almost 4hrs to type this . i'm pissed off now. please post!