Sunday, May 27, 2007

Given the choice

between shopping in Bravissimo and at Top Drawer. I'll take Top Drawer *every* time. I was after a sport bra today so thought i'd try bravissimo- after all they're meant to cater to the alrger chested lady.

the service was so....... impersonal. and . i dunno. i jsut didn't like it at all. there was no OFFER of any help. and when i couldnt find my way roudn the store ther was no guidance. No, I didn't get a sports bra either lol. i did get another nursing one though. i'm just a boob to those girls!

after bravissimo, it was hammersmith for us. clive got some new tee shirts. i am SO going through our clothes next week and THROWING some out!! and the girls got new towels (one minnie and one mickey) and i got a pillow with classic mickey on it. so soft and cuddly.

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