Sunday, April 29, 2007

beer.. or is it?

we went on the hunt for some vegetable crisps for a freind today. only to find she'd already got them that morning. While meandering around clive bought a beer that was made with malt as well as barley

anyone would think my kids are alkofrolics! sian stood by him *waiting* to "taste your beard daddy" and as soon as clive got back with it in a glass and asked who wanted to try some beth jumped off my lap faster than you've ever seen her unlatch!

after both the girls had tried it we asked them which they preffered... beer or boob. they both said boob, but sian was teh one to take me up on it lol. beth just ketp teasing daddy about his beer.

so, a beer with the smoothness of a single malt whiskey got the thumbs up in our house today, although not from me- i don't like either beer OR whiskey!!

Rugby, a hooligans game played by gentlemen


unless, of course, you're sian. she has a funny way of adding things to the end of words. that (llanelli) scarlets chant for her becomes


Monday, April 16, 2007

Mondays Musings

Little girls who don't fall asleep (and then not in bed) till 10.30pm are HORRIBLE LITTLE SNOTS the next day. Luckily a freind of mine had a starter bed that she isn't using. We'll pay her for it on payday. Theres no way that i'm fitting a cot bed and a single in the kids room. We're gonna need somwhere bigger methinks when they're both out of starter beds...... I'd rather NOT put them in bunks.

Sian on the subject of breaking her necklace (last night while she was *supposed* to be in bed and asleep)

Sian: I broked my necklace this morning granny
Granny: why did you do that?
Sian: because it was very breakable

Sian and Beth's idea of suitable warm weather foot wear.... as it's been unseasonably hot here this week. This morning they went out to play in the garden in .... Long sleeved Tshirts, Nappies and wellington boots!

home sweet home

ok, i know we've been back since friday. but holidays create a lot of laundry! and i'm still not done iwth it yet *sigh* i'll have to get ou tin the garden and hang teh current load when i've done this- girlies are both asleep still!

we had a lovely (if expensive!) break in wales. sian didn'twant to come home, in fact she cried as we left the camp lol. we all missed wendy though (one of last years teamstars) but it was nice to see gemma from the year before. she's working as bar staff this season.

this week we had an easter egg hunt (not a hard one!) round the chalet, a trip to the beach - that was windy! we didn't quite make it to the sea as the tide was out, a quick visit to the chocolate farm followed by bowling/soft play, a visit to dais dragons den, and a trip to folly farm where we went round the zoo (well ad ifferent part of it) and saw a show in the theatre. one of the goats tried to nibble sian's sandal and she got scared lol

its good to be back in my own bed. i woke up with neck/back ache EVERY day while we were there. and the bedroom had a dreadful condensation problem :o/ still can't wait for june to arrive!

ok, chores call while the kidlets are still snoozing sweetly.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Siân and Beth decided Bear (of Big Blue House fame) wanted to share their fruit shoots. So he did! I think he liked the apple flavour... well there were no complaints!

Beth in Siân's new Fisher Price Seat

Siân in her new Fisher Price Car seat. The seat is pretty much the same as the Britax Trio, Just with the Fisher Price name on it- it's been made by Britax (they also make the Jaguar car seats here in the UK)

Siân with her new dolly that "i can help walk in the garden" This doll is better endowed than a Barbie!! When Siân took her top off and saw the boobage she said "i'm going to have dolly milk now" and promptly did. Clive and I cracked up laughing!

Off Tomorrow YAY!!

The car is pretty much packed to bursting. The girls are asleep (finally in the case of the big one) I just need to put in the last few bits for the journey that I haven't tonight when we get up and we are on holiday!!

But of course that unwelcome witch had to come a visiting me. I guess better now at the begining than in the middle though.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

we have an answer!!!

there was a design fault with sian's cot bed and about a year after we bought ours they changed the manufacturer.

i got a refund (£249.99) and we have to take the cot back tomorow. sian gets to sleep on her mattress on the floor till she gets a new bed now!

i have mostly packed for our trip away... swimming bags (x2), bathroom bag (- drugs & toothbrushes, they go in last), our clothes (almost done) jsut the kids bag to go really. clive can drag teh travel cot down from the kids room tomorow and i'll sort ou the boot ready for an early start on thursday! can't wait.

i'll try and rember pics when i get back to update y'all!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

funniness from the girlies

Sian on the subject of tinned tomatoes....

"i don't like bematoes. they're too juicy"

And on trying to find a new dolly

"i want one iwth brown skin. no not that one, thank you"

(she got a 32" brown dolly that she can help walk up the garden path and a little 11" dolly in a rucksack)

Beth on shutting her sister out of the house...

C: Did you shut Sian out?
B: yeh
C: is that funny?
B: (hand covers mouth) hehehe

and on the subject of mama milk...

G: do you want something?
B: taps chest and says "molk"