Monday, April 16, 2007

Mondays Musings

Little girls who don't fall asleep (and then not in bed) till 10.30pm are HORRIBLE LITTLE SNOTS the next day. Luckily a freind of mine had a starter bed that she isn't using. We'll pay her for it on payday. Theres no way that i'm fitting a cot bed and a single in the kids room. We're gonna need somwhere bigger methinks when they're both out of starter beds...... I'd rather NOT put them in bunks.

Sian on the subject of breaking her necklace (last night while she was *supposed* to be in bed and asleep)

Sian: I broked my necklace this morning granny
Granny: why did you do that?
Sian: because it was very breakable

Sian and Beth's idea of suitable warm weather foot wear.... as it's been unseasonably hot here this week. This morning they went out to play in the garden in .... Long sleeved Tshirts, Nappies and wellington boots!

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