Sunday, July 29, 2007

I really must get

a blue tooth adaptor so i can download pics from my phone to my computer. i lost so many cute ones from my old phone cause i had no way of saving them to my pc bar email (and that costs credit!)

we went to a family funday today. most the activities were free. and the ones we paid for were no more than 50p each. the kids got a pile of lollipops LOL. not that they've had any yet. they're going in my sweet jar for future use. i did get photos of the kids (there were 6 of them altogether, although the neices decided to go and do their own thing) on the roundaboutn and fire engine. oh and in the playground.

I think the highlight of the day for Sian was having Owein and Jessi. oh and the fact she got sausage and chips for tea... again! Still when you're walking back to GrannyJans at 4:45 and tea is 5-5.30ish....

The Shower...

is up to it's old tricks again. do you *know* how much scalding hot water on sore boobies hurts? LOTS is teh correct answer. I'm jsut glad that the shower didn't get hot while the girls were in it. it did go freezeing cold though. aaaaargh! the heating is fixed, teh radiators flushed. now waht?

Wednesday is ...

BBQ day. as the weather this week is looking likely to be nice, we're BBQing on Weds. mind you, it'll probably rain now knowing my luck LOL. however. freinds, food and fun will be the order of the day :o) i'm off to iceland on Tuesday to get the supplies!

Thursday I have to decide

wether to just pick Carla and Leah up from trampolining. or take Sian and beth for a jump too. i'm sure Del won't mind. Chris might bring Jess and Owein as well which would be cool. I'm not sure but i think we're going to the chinese that night. we'll see!

My sister sent my

Ann Summers order and hairdressing scissors up with Mum and Dad. I christened the scissors this morning on the girls' firnges. Not bad for a first attempt. and Beth was wriggling (she got poked in the head :o( which i thought for a second was her eye) and Sian's hair is so uneven I really might have to shave it all off and start again!

i ordered a cute top from AS and my bloody boobs are too big for it :'O( *waaaah* at least my PJs fit (and are comfy. i'm going to AS exclusively for PJs I think!!) now to decide whether to send the top back to my sister to return or take it instore for voucerhs. hmmm.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

well we have...

a whole new guttering and drain pipe. and a mown front garden and trimmed hedges. we won't go into the back garden. but the landlord has left the hedge trimmer (no more struggling with shears then)

yesterday they came and flushed through the whole radiator system (and it was deeeesgusting!) that took over 2hrs to clean out. but the shower really does work now. the housing officer was actually good forsomething apart from putting me in a bad mood! mind you, the house has gone from being icy cold to over heated. lol and thas only on 3 radiators. i've turned the heating down, but it's still hot in here!

Sian and Beth had a blast cycling and rollerskating before they were banished indoors for the day (we wasted a day cause people didn't/couldn't turn up to ours and then it wasn't safe for them to be out in the garden) then poor beth fell out the back door and poor sian fell down the stairs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We have heat and hot water again! The gas engineer came at 8:10a (for an 8-10a appt) and was gone by 8.50. leaving us warming up nicely, and ready to wash up dishes and bodies! The shower might even work properly again. At least, the girls showered tonight instead of me giveing them a bath in the baby bath :o)

Housing Officer

came to see the house today. her general assesment was that the place is a tip. i know it's cluttered. we have nowhere to store any thing. and i know the kitchen sink needed cleaning. i've had no hot water for 36hrs. it took a whopping 10mins to do while the kids watched telly this afternoon.

she was happy with their room "at least they keep their room nice and tidy" was what she said. actually, mama does. and that's cause they're rarely allowed to play in there.

I must be a bad mother then. can't keep the house tidy or clean a sink. or mow a lawn (nowhere to store a lawn mower, nor money to buy one). oh or trim a hedge (that is about 8ft tall)

in all, i feel like my best isn't good enough and i might as well just not be here.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Oh Come ON weather peoples! It's the middle of JULY! and it's wet. and warm about75% of the time. But still....

We have no heating (so 4am is going ot be COOOOOLD) and no hot water so no shower for us or bath for the kids (they're still bathed in teh baby bath. they're too bloomin' big!) we're going to mums tomrow for 3 reasons:

1) pop into the nursery and get sian registered for september
2) put the books out that a charity shop is collecting

Sunday, July 22, 2007


if anyone can figure out a way i can cut sian's nails without a battle (she *used* to fall asleep on me) then I'd LOOOOOVE to know it. It's not like i can do it when she's asleep anymore as i'd have to turn on the bedroom light.... that'd wake both of them up.


Beth took my face in her hands earlier. Pulled it round to face her and planted a kiss on my lips. She woudln't do it again LOL she just kept pushing me away.

Harry Potter 7

I get to read Stevie's copy again! I just have to *buy* it. So till then I'm avoiding anything HP like the plague. I even managed NOT to read more than the back cover in tescos earlier!!


I did a sainsburys online order as we were short of fresh food and Clive's wroking most days till Aug 11. HOW can you run out of milk (full fat cows milk, i'd understand if it was goats milk!!) and ham? So we still had to go to tescos. Should have gotten some bread too. I swear I'm living off sandwiches at the moment...


Well, much as I try to deny it heh. It was suggested though that I get my GP (and the Health Visitor will also write for me) to write to the housing people saying that the house we're in is affecting my asthma badly. As I'm looking at my 4th burst of pred (yuck, i'm trying to avoid it!) since December, there may be something in it. Previously I've only taken it 3x in 10yrs.

House Clearance/ Ebay

But as we're likely to be here for the considerable future. I think I'm going to do a whole pile of EBay listings and if things don't sell after 2 listings, then they'll either be donated or taken to the tip. (I am SOOOO not including my books in this, even if they are stuck under the stairs!)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

waiting for robbie

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White Stuff!

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Rain, Rain, Go away!

Don't come back another day! Also known as, oh my it's WET here. Every time I tried to leave my mums today it started raining *again* in the end I asked dad nicely if he'd bring us home. we still got saturated on the short journey from the car to the front door.

We walked to see our Housing Officer yesterday as we couldn't get through on the phone. When we LEFT it wasn't raining. By the time we got to the end of the road we really should have given up as a bad job. We carried on to town. On the way BACK, we ended up being taken in by a very kind lady who saw us splashing home through a torrential thunder storm. We totally flooded the poor womans' house it was taht wet. I need to think of a nice thank you for her. She gave the girls a snack (it was lunchtime when we went into hers, and yes i'm fully aware of stranger danger LOL) and a drink and let us shelter till Clive came and got us.


Did I tell about the girls bedroom door coming off the hinge? I must get a picutre. The door ahs split at the top. THe repair "should be completed by 07/09/2007" really? that soon? that'd be nice. till then i'll just hold my breath every time the girls play in their bedroom. I can't even take the door off and store it somewhere. Clive and I are *STILL* living out of boxes.

We are a "standard band C" according to housing. In other words, we may as well assume we're going to be here pretty much forever. Unless something medical means we need a different home. SO, it's a 5.30am start for the girls of the house so we can be out and on the bus by 7am and the latest to get over to the parents to see to tehir needs- at least i get paid for it i guess. but i couldn't let some stranger put the damned pressure bandages on mums legs for her. they're a PITA.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh My Gosh!

Sian and Elisabeth have more clothes than I know what to do with! I just tried to get some sort of order on their rails. And there are more to hang! Methinks that a good sort through would be a plan. I'm pretty sure folks will get them clothes for birthday/christmas too- This year, take them off my hands for a day instead!!

I found someone willing to teach Sian British Sign Language for 30min/week :o) Most 3yos have stopped using the baby signs, but not mine. She enjoys signing and I would love her to have that for an extra language. We have another couple of weeks of Tiny Talk to go as well and then that'll be it. All done. Beth will be 2 before the next course starts I think. If not we may sign up again, they both love it.

Last year for christmas we took the girls to see CBeebies Live! They enjoyed it so much we're doing it again this year! Courtesy of GrannyJan and Grandad. I can't wait to see how much MORE beth enjoys the show this time. They both wanted to go back and watch again. We're going to try and save up some extra money this time! But for our family prestents? Well, we're just getinng one between us..... a Nintendo Wii!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hope this works! this is sian doing an impression of a cartoon turtle! we got the girls pics done last week.. no week before. and this is just one of the results. they came out well (as usual LOL)

I need to find the details again, but we're entering beth into a competition to be a magazine cover model (for a childrens store) we'd enter sian but she's too old!

i know i'm slacking. i still haven't got the vacation pics up LOL

My asthma nurse left the drs surgery tuesday...and the GP who has been there since the day dot is leaving in august. Hope they keep the other nurse and GP on though!

Will we ever get rehoused?? sian thought she'd broken the bedrrom door. it came of the hinge because it was not put up properly... and has split at the top. can't see how a 28lb 95cm shrimp could do that- even if she was swinging it!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poor Sian's had a

BAAAAAAD day. First, she tripped over her own feet and smacked her head on a metal fence (ouchee!) Then, she fought with her sister over a flannel resulting in her being bit on the bum (mind you, i did warn her to let beth *have* the flannel or it would happen) and finally, she knocked over a table right on top of her cracking the glass that was on it (at least it didn't break, huh) And then she was late to bed resulting in a bad tempered little madam! But they did get fed at mcdonalds as we were out at tea time.

I'm sure Transport for London (TfL) say only one pushchair on a bus at a time for a reason. I must be the ONLY person who folds up the damned thing if my childs not sitting in it. Today, as beth was eating i didn't. but the two otehr people who got on the bus with pushchairs could have. one got on carrying his child and with an unfolded stroller, the other was a rude lady who argued with me as someone had been rude to me in the first place and then took her child OUT of the pushchair and left it blocking the space. its hard to move out of a space where a pushchair is blocking you in. and i was brought up to say "excuse me" not "oi woman" as it happened i was trying to give her more room to put the darned thing and then couldn't get out cause she was blocking me in.

i'm so bad at the photo thing, huh? i still have our EASTER holiday pics in my email inbox. never mind any we took in june. mind you, most the good ones are on clives camera. we need to get a bluetooth adaptor (and hope the pc will play) to get them downloaded. AND we jsut got the last of the girls watch me grow pics done. we're going to order them tuesday, as i'll have the CD the copy right will be mine, all mine so i can share quite happily

and now, i'm going to bed before i get qwerty face! night all