Wednesday, May 25, 2005


went well. 3 kids ate a LOT of fruit salad between them. mama's not so much - it kept being pinched from under our noses! in spite of the miserubble weather we had, it was nice to have them all here. and so funny to see the differences between them. the oldest was born dec17, then dec 27 then jan 17. guess who's the tallest lol.

the plumber started, but didn't finish- like everyone else who's been in and out of this house this week. mam now has wiring for an unfinished power shower, part of a shower that needs hooking up to the water tank upstairs and a floor that needs to be ripped up before the new one can by laid. so much for it all being done by this evening. at least shrimpy & i have had freinds over and got out a couple times too.

the shrimp is still a shrimp. she's a whopping 17lbs 5oz at 17mos. wonder if she'll be 18lbs at 18mos etc. i'm mainly keeping going to get her weighed so i can replace her infant seat with a ff carseat in my dads car. that way i know that my nephew will be safe as well- at the moment he's in a booster that is not really going to do much good for him. ugh. i wish i could win hte lottery, i'd make sure that tehre were safe seats for all the neices & nephews in dad's car. the parents think that cause the boosters don't get used regularly they don't need replaceing even though they're 6 years old now. i can't win that fight till i get teh cash though *sigh*

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

having a lunch party.

and it was meant to be in the garden so the 3 17mos olds could wear themselves out. guess what the weathers doing? no trampoline, slide or ball pond. there's not room in the living room for any of it. i suppose my lungs will thank me. i was going to have to inflate the ball pond before everyone got here!

however, 2 bowls of fruit salad (i didn't have one big enough) later, with fresh bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers & crisps for the kids should be fine. i know i'm going to have to hoover after that lot! the splash mat sure isn't big enough for 3.

i wonder what madam shrimp is up to. i left her in the kitchen putting fridge magnets in and out of a waste paper basket. she hasn't quite got the concept of sticking htem on the fridge, although she thinks taking them off is great fun lol

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

boing! boing!

we took the faulty trampoline back to toys r us. and bought one from tescos. what a good idea! it was most defintley worth the extra £5. and it went together sooo much more easily than the first.

if i can ever get my pc and my digicam to talk to each otehr again, i have pictures to download so that i can take lots more of sian playing on her new toys

straddle jump... well the shape! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005


so. the slide went together fine, in approx. 10mins- loseing the instructions contributed to the time, it's a snap together item. sian thinks it's great fun. and we bought some floor mats to put at the bottom as she tends to fly a good half a foot away from the end! the mats are even more appreciated than the slide i think lol

then i tried the trampoline. i could not get the nut to screw onto the bolt for love nor money. neither could dad. we both tried. for about 10mins each. and made the pleasing discovery (independantly of each other) that the nuts don't fit. so dad took it back for a replacement.

today i tried to put the replacement together. guess what? yup. nuts & bolts don't match up. this time you can *see* that it's not going to work. the blessed bolts are cut wonky.

i'm taking the darned thing back to toys r us tomorrow and spending an extra £5 on the one we saw in tescos- sian did ask for it the other day as it's colorful, and the metal edges are padded so i'm happier with that model... as long as it goes together!

Friday, May 13, 2005

the garden is about to be over taken

with a whole load of toys for the neices, nephew and shrimpy girl.

already out there are:

rocking horse, trike, push along lawn mower, 2 chairs and a plastic gardening set.

tonight we bought to add to them:

trampoline, slide, balls, pool and a play house!

i am the *first* person to object to garden trampolines.. but sian's using me as one and it's not comfy lol. at least you can't fit more than one kid on hers, and it's got a handle to try and encourage her to stand on the thing instead of knee jumping.

better get off to bed. i've got a slide and a trampoline to put together in the morning!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i spoke too soon.

teh nausea and sickness is back with a vengeance. at least it was nice not having to run to the bathroom while it lasted!

ack. shrimpy's pulling nappy liners out of the packet. there. got them moved. now what's she found.... nappy sacks. *sigh* she's a monster. and i love her dearly! i wouldn't change her... might put her on e-bay as a one night only offer.... i'd get some takers i'm sure lol

my little girl is turning into a little chatter box. her favourite words are foot, cheese, ball and no. foot and cheese going together of course lol. so do belly and tickly for that matter! she also says book, hair, mumee, dadda, hat. and this morning she made a very clear and creditible attempt at good morning.

if only she'd get up and walk! she's a wriggle britches when you carry her and is not enamoured of the pushchair these days. i'm scared that she'll get up and run though!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

international shipping

is bloomin' expensive! i sent some toffee off to a freind yesterday. it cost me more to ship than the toffee did to buy. i'm not looking forward to sending the books off to mum in iowa.. she may have to wait till we go over again (which won't be for at least a year unless we win the lottery) theres tea sitting waiting too. the post master said to keep the packages to under 5kg to keep prices down... but even so.......!

happy day :o)

touching wood first... i've not thrown up for 3 days. and i've only felt sick when i need to eat which is a BIIIIG improvement!


she came, phoned up to get blood test results she'd forgotten. double checked that she'd cancelled my OB appt. we discussed about the extra scans.... some of it i think will depend on timeing but sian didn't stop growing till later on so i *might* have all 3 but she's leaving it up to me.

best bit. shrimpy and i HEARD THE HEART BEAT!!!! chugging along in teh 140's.... maybe it'll be a boy after all as sian's was in the 160's at this stage. i'm right on track for 18wks :o)

we see her again on jun 27th.... so long away lol but i have her phone number and can call her if i need help, advice or to see her before then.