Sunday, May 27, 2007

Given the choice

between shopping in Bravissimo and at Top Drawer. I'll take Top Drawer *every* time. I was after a sport bra today so thought i'd try bravissimo- after all they're meant to cater to the alrger chested lady.

the service was so....... impersonal. and . i dunno. i jsut didn't like it at all. there was no OFFER of any help. and when i couldnt find my way roudn the store ther was no guidance. No, I didn't get a sports bra either lol. i did get another nursing one though. i'm just a boob to those girls!

after bravissimo, it was hammersmith for us. clive got some new tee shirts. i am SO going through our clothes next week and THROWING some out!! and the girls got new towels (one minnie and one mickey) and i got a pillow with classic mickey on it. so soft and cuddly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

OMG my little shrimpy baby got big!

All of a sudden the potty training issue clicked. We've had a few accidents but nowhere near as many as i thought we would. Sian's been in big girl knickers since sunday afternoon! I thought she'd NEVER train! Typicaly i just spent out money on training pants *sigh*

Rain brellas and bless you paper have been changed into their usual umbrella and tissue :o( i'll miss those sian-isms. they were so logical

this morning she woke me up by shouting at me she was dressed *sob* my big girl had got herself totally changed from her cloth nappy and PJs into te outfit we chose last night.

She's most defitnley a bigger big a big girl now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did I mention that....

I got all modern and bought me an MP3 player? in pink no less LOL. I'm hoping to be able to rescue my music from the pc onto it (and add more of course!)mind you, i'm not so sure when i'll get to listen to it as i've always got the kids with me.... when i'm online after they're in

Bed. tonight they didn't want to go to bed OR to sleep. i am now a VERY cranky mama. Beth finally fell asleep at around 8.30-9. Sian on the other hand didn't even get her butt back INTO bed till gone 11pm. Even more annoying was they'd both already fallen asleep in the car and were just being little brats. oh, and i'm jsut a pair of

Boobs. This week is world breast feeding week. If you haven't, sign the breast feeding manifesto @ I passionatley beleive that a nursing mama should be able to nurse her baby ANYWHERE. after all, you don't complain at a baby being bottle fed in public, do you?

I've decided to give up teaching trampolining. Actually, I'm considering giving it up altogether, but I'm not sure. At least it doesn't *cost* me anything! But back to the giving up teaching. I want to spend more time with my family. Saturday is the only day we can feasibly do anything as a family and trampolining rather cuts into that as it's 1-4 and the whold day is a rush. We're going to take the kids to swimming lessons in septemer instead we hope. I fimly beleive that swimming si a skill everyone should learn. even if it's only enough to get them out of trouble.

I desperatley ned to learn to drive. I have commitements all over the place now and one of them is helping my mother for 11.5hrs a week.... if i could drive to theirs and then back to surestart it would make life all round so much easier. guess i'm on the look out for cheap driving lessons then huh. the cheapest i've found is £28/hr. then i'll need childcare while i do the lesson...that's most likely going to set me back *anotehr* £24...darnit it's an expensive

Need. Just like the trainer pants i've invested in. I shelled out £25 yesterday on 2 pairs and £30 today on another 3. One of these kids better potty train! preferably the big one who's stretching my fuzzinbunz!!

I emailed me the pictures of our holidays now. I'll get them downloaded and shared as soon as possible. there are some really nice ones tehre, and some not so good ones too. I'm also looking into a bluetooth adaptor so i can blue tooth the pics from my phone onto here. i don't want to lose them if i get a new phone!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I guess I had to do it sometime....

the potty training entry that is!

Sian is so uninterested in anything in the way of potty training. She wants to wear "big girl knickers" but then proceeds to wee through them (one day she went through 8pairs in 90mins... with the potty in the garden with her) She doesn't like "despicable" nappies... and they cost a fortune, but our Fuzzi Bunz are just so cute (and she loves the different colours and prints!)

Beth on the other hand actually will *ask* to "wee wee" while pulling at her nether regions. It's actually safer to leave her nekkid than her sister. Today she used the potty 4 times. I'm so proud of my baby :o)

Last Weds in creche, Sian took herself off to the "too-let" without anyone knowing- well, till they saw the wet nappy! She managed to use teh loo twice that morning but then proceeded to stand *righ in front* of the potty chair she prmised me she'd use when i shelled out £15 for it and wee on the floor. At least Beth uses that though... oh, in fact, she's the one that christened it. All alone in a pull up, I went downstairs after taking something up to fine a lone nappy on the floor. Asked Sian who had the bare bum to be told it was beth (yup) and *then* discovered she'd christend the potty all on her own doing! Heehee, I was actually proud of my baby and her poo-ing ability!

Ok, lets get off the toilet talk! And onto the DH (ok, so it's not "dear" today) Working backwards then....

If you're giving the kids a *bedtime* bath, you don't shout and scream and threaten them. Nor do you apologise for above behaviour thus

"sorry i shouted at you, but you've got to start listening to me... ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? STOP THAT!"

If I've *asked* them to be quiet, you don't then go and shout at them to be quiet, don't you think that rather defeats the purpose, oh and makes me madder and then want to shout at YOU, arsehole.

Don't SULK if i ask you to hlep. Or if I point out that you don't even OFFER to help. I just love being the one standing in the rain packing the car while you proceed to just get in it after getting Sian in.

"I was just goinig to do that" usally 30+mins ago isn't *just* going to do it. It's i'll do it when i'm ready. which is why i jsut washed up YOUR pan, you said YOU'd wash up on WEDNESDAY

and how come i get to deal with teh kids almost 24/7 while you moan about having them for a few hours once a week, while they're mainly asleep. how would you cope if i just upped and left you.

ok. rant over, but he'd better start pulling his weight (i'm going back to schoold day chores charts for him, he doesn't even hoover 1xweek) and grow up or i will be taking further action.... wonder how he'd feel if i went on strike..........

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Wow. It's been a long time. And my computer gets worse and worse. Mind you, the problems have been happening since we got Virgin Media instead of Telewest... Hmmm. Now it likes to freeze up at random intervals and just switch off for no reason. Very annoying when you are mid chat with someone. And forget having AIM, Yahoo! and MSN running together. The other thing it lieks to do is lag behind what you're typing. So i can happily type a full sentence to go back and retype it due to my bad spelling *sigh* Clive says we'll try for a new PC in the summer. (apart from the "new" problems it has no CD rom drive, no sound, doesn't switch on and off properly and only has 2/6 USB ports working) Must be time to try and store my pics eleswhere or lose them.

So.. Next. As a female there are 2 areas that i don't skimp the cash on. The feet and .. yup, the boobage. My feet are happy at the moment with some crocs and some reebok pumps. Yesterday the girls got treated to a new nursing bra. What a difference there was going into a specialist lingerie shop and just going to mothercare! I am the proud owner of a 36H... as opposed to the 44DD i had on previously. What a difference! I feel supported... my boobage is in shock. Even better? I can get some cute bras from Bravissimo! now :o) well, if i ever get some spare cash. I do have one on order from the shop in Sunningdale as well (so that'll be 2 bras that aren't humungous plain white or black LOL)

While i was in the shop, Clive took the kids to the park. BETH went up a twirly slid and came down it on her belly- alone!it wasn't a toddler sized slide either. My baby has a daredevil streak in her. The girls also played in the sandpit and climbed and swung. Gettig n them OUT of the park was hard. I've hjd to promise they can go back witha picnic! Not that I midn, it's a nice park to jsut sit and wtach them in.

I have got some gorgeous "kodak moments" stored in my brain from the past few days.

Sian "reading" to Beth: Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar
"first he ated 4 marshmallows.. then he ated 5 strawberries"
Later that night i foud them asleep together in beth's ot. beth cuddling her bear and sian at the head of the cot cuddling the book!

there are more but it's taken almost 4hrs to type this . i'm pissed off now. please post!