Tuesday, August 24, 2010

random photos

A visit to the Science museum

the front of the building
the tiger (we saw so much more though! you'll see later)

Rick comparing starfish

Beth exploring a tray

Sian with her tray

This is...

What happens when you tell my son that he can't play with the little girls doll stroller (to be fair she did want to play with it herself!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sian has a wobbly tooth. Wait, FOUR wobbly teeth. And they ALL have their adult tooth counterparts behind them already. Guess who doesn't get to take a "first lost tooth picture"

Rick has four all trying to break through at once. The first four all cut with a high temp and disgusting nappies! This time, he has a stinking cold. BUT they're almost through so it's all good!

Beth.. well hers are still there LOL

Saturday, April 10, 2010

fun in the sun. easter 2010

Easter Hols this year are feeling a little looong. Especially as for this lot school finished at lunch time the Weds before Easter and Easter weekend was the first weekend. So, in an effort to relieve the boredom I decided to let the girls each invite some friends for a tea party. Beth went first and hers was a "Princess tea party" basically all pink and glittery and dressing up-y! The weather was fantastic for us so we made full use of the garden.
Evie, Chloe, Amy and Sian at Beth's princess tea party (Beth was sitting off to one side and wouldn't get in the picture)

Sian and Evie getting creative. Lots of lovely pictures were made by the girls!

Evie and Chloe cheesing it up for the camera!
Amy and Beth decide to bounce out some energy. Ricks trying to follow!

Evie and Sian bouncing around

Sian and Beth getting creative!
boo munching one of our cupcakes. we could NOT get the sprinkles to stay on the icing!

Sian having a nice refreshing drink in the sun
Beth gurning for the camera!

Windsor castle

A friend of mine (and the kids Godmother if I EVER get round to christening them!!) works at Windsor castle and managed to get us free tickets to go. I let the girls play hookey from school and we spent a lovely day around Windsor. Beth and Rick got bored of the castle rather quickly but Sian wants to go back as there was so much we DIDN'T see. And she's asked to see the kitchens too, which costs extra.
Sian holding hands with a soldier (NOT allowed as a general rule!) Beth making new friends
Guarding Windsor McDonalds

Sian with a real soldier. He tried hard not to laugh LOL. They're not allowed to talk or smirk or laugh on duty. And yes, it can be very hard!

a view of one of the chapels (we went ages ago, I've forgotten what we saw!)

Her Majesty the Queen was in residence while we were there (no, we didn't get to meet her)

Rock garden. It has to be seen to appreciate the complete beauty of it.

a random lion fountain
guarding the queen

a statue

Where Sian and her friends would have gone had the school trip happened!

Sian and Beth going into the castle

Going up to the castle from Windsor itself

Frederick gets to grips with trampolining

All photos are in no particular order (blogspot is being a pain tonight!) but you can tell that he was younger in the first set- probably only a month, but what a difference it makes!