Saturday, April 10, 2010

Windsor castle

A friend of mine (and the kids Godmother if I EVER get round to christening them!!) works at Windsor castle and managed to get us free tickets to go. I let the girls play hookey from school and we spent a lovely day around Windsor. Beth and Rick got bored of the castle rather quickly but Sian wants to go back as there was so much we DIDN'T see. And she's asked to see the kitchens too, which costs extra.
Sian holding hands with a soldier (NOT allowed as a general rule!) Beth making new friends
Guarding Windsor McDonalds

Sian with a real soldier. He tried hard not to laugh LOL. They're not allowed to talk or smirk or laugh on duty. And yes, it can be very hard!

a view of one of the chapels (we went ages ago, I've forgotten what we saw!)

Her Majesty the Queen was in residence while we were there (no, we didn't get to meet her)

Rock garden. It has to be seen to appreciate the complete beauty of it.

a random lion fountain
guarding the queen

a statue

Where Sian and her friends would have gone had the school trip happened!

Sian and Beth going into the castle

Going up to the castle from Windsor itself