Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have to share these! (Wk 1-4)

pregnancy cartoon

pregnancy cartoon

pregnancy cartoon

pregnancy cartoon


pregnancy calendar


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sign Classes

The girls had their first sign class when we got back. Mama however, got it wrong and got them there 30mins late. Why didn't someone phone me to ask where we were?! I knew they had a team meeting, but I had memorised it as 11am, so the girls lesson was 10.30am. Nope, it was meant to be 10am. *blush*

Anywho. We got there, and the girls learnt/reviewed some fruit signs

  • apple
  • banana
  • cherries (new)
  • grapes (BSL rather than babysign)
  • orange

Boo was rather shy, but she did a few signs for Dom. Sian on the other hand, couldn't wait to get there and show off her skills! Of course, she does have a year or so's advantage over Bethy LOL. I did get told they both showed promise though.

We went to our home ed group on Thursday. Sian was sooooo excited to be tehre again. Must try and meet up with some of the otehrs too. We did teh body this week. next time it's road safety, something every child needs to learn. Sian is improving, I sometimes forget she's only 4.

Body Experiments.

Pulse: get a smallish blob of blu-tac or similar, stick a toothpick (we used wire ties from sandwich bags with the same result) into it. Place blu-tac on your wrist, just below teh base of your thumb. can you see your pulse vibrating through the pick?

Stethoscope: get the inner tube of a kitchen roll (do NOT unroll the whole thing, it will upset Mama!) place it on the left side of your chest, get your friend/sister/mama to listen and see if they can hear your heart. Swap.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Day Pics

Sian. She's my little model, as long as I just keep snapping!

The girls enjoying the last 30mins before we get on the bus to MCO

Beth catching some last minute rays- SPF50 and my kids are still milk white

Playing with the shadows

I have NO idea what she was looking at here!

I've been trying to get this technique right using the kids. I did it totally unintentionally with a *tree* I love it though. Just needs a drop of water coming off that leaf..............

Character Meals

Daddy and Beth Breakfasting with Tigger

Sian and Beth rushing off after a quick hug with Pooh Bear

Beth with Alice in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter. He was SUPERB!!!

Sian with Mary Poppins, she did say she'd come if the wind was right!

Beth LOVES Chip n Dale!

Mama and Beth with Mickey Mouse

Pluto's done this a few times! He put the girls there!

Make your own cupcake dessert

See the concentration needed?

Lunch @ Hollywood and Vine

Dancing with Goliath

Leo & Compere

Dancing with June again

Dancing around before leaving the restaurant

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Handy Manny, JoJo and Goliath

Handy Manny, but his Tools were having a break

JoJo and Goliath... Beth is there somewhere!

I think Goliath really took to her, she didn't mind the cuddles either!

Goliath Cuddles again!

Sian meeting the Little Einsteins

Flying through the sky, the Little Einsteins

Annie and Leo

Quincy and Sian clapping with excitement- June signing the autograph book

Dancing with June

Sian, Quincy and June

Beth Meeting The Little Einsteins

Beth gets hugs from June

And Quincy

A dance with June

We're going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship

Annie and Leo

Vacation Time

We love each other sooo much. They just spent 2wks sharing a twin bed, now they're doing it in their toddler beds! Excuse Sian's face, she head butted the concrete as hard as Beth on holiday!

It's a lovely clear night here with a lovely full moon. But you can't see it with my camera properly :o( If you look carefully you CAN see the tree branches too. I think I many need to find a photo editing program and learn to use it!

ok, it's over, we're back and the photos are all over the show! I'm in the process of downloading the 185 on the camera. Then I'll share!

we had a BLAST. The kids had a ball. DH and I were kids again. We're all still pale as sheets, IN SPITE of the 80* weather (mmmmm, we came back to -6* at Gatwick!) SPF50 sunscreen, the way to go with little blondies!!

Mind you, the house was about -20* as the heating broke AGAIN while we were away. NOT amused. We spent all day Monday playing phone tag with the council. They finally came to fix it Tuesday lunchtime (for a morning appt) although when i asked the plumber to condem it? he was close! he IS recommending a new boiler to the landlord though, otherwise well, we'll see him in a few weeks when we're freezing again.

At the wet n windy part #2 (take2)

Land Ahoy Me Hearties!

I'm Jonah, here's the whale

Aye, Aye Cap'n

So, we can't swing, we'll do the next best thing!