Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2012 pics

Sian with her posh dress and "model makeup"
Remember I said they could scooter in the road?
Beth doing her hair shampoo advert
They may fight, but the kids do love each other really :O)
The boy has curls. Usually most prominent when his hair is wet- he won't let me cut it again!

Thomas William Driver DFC

February 28 1929- January 7th 2012

My Grumpy Grampy who always phoned on my birthday won't be able to anymore :O( This will be the first time since I could speak on the phone that we won't be singing "happy birthday to us"

The kids all came to say our last goodbyes. And were extremely well behaved. And gave us such gems on the day as

Beth: I can't look at my picture of Great Grandad Tom cause it makes water come out of my eyes

Sian: Great Grandad Tom can't speak any more now he's dead. That's why people in Heaven don't talk

Rick: while grandad was saying a few words at the crematorium, looked at the order of service sheet and said loud and clear for all to hear GRANDAD TOM!

He was scary sometimes. Grumpy often. A Gentleman always. Generous to a fault.

It’s Ok

It’s OK to let go. You’re tired.

It’s OK to let go. You’re in pain.

It’s OK to let go. We know you’ve been strong.

Our admiration of you is how long you’ve held on.

It’s OK to let go. Some one’s waiting.

It’s OK to let go. You’ve missed them.

It’s OK to let go. With time we’ll be fine.

Our grief is for us, for knowing you.

It’s OK to let go. We love you.

It’s OK to let go. We’ll be strong.

It’s OK to let go. We’ll remember you.

Our tears will diminish in time.

Copyright Geina Morgan 2011

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Rick's Border in his room
Beth's Bed
Sian's Bed
New School Uniform (later Sian got hoodies with her name on and Beth got a fleece with her name on)
Taking advantage of living 10mins from the beach when we had the Indian Summer

So, we came to Wales. I didn't know for sure it was the right thing to do. But it was. I've got the Sian who enjoys school and wants to learn back. She gave her teacher high praise indeed- he's better than all her others put together! She's carried on with piano and is also learning recorder and violin. And doing Judo as well as Swimming.

Beth is always going to be the sort of child who gets on everywhere. She is as much a hug monster here as she was in London! But she's had the chance to try Rhythmic Gymnastics here. I'm not sure how long she'll stay for though.

Rick has settled in the local Welsh Medium Preschool group. He goes 4days a week. Is mad as a hatter and will finally admit that there is more than one Josh in the world! Mind you, when he started last term it was a small group. 4 girls, 4 boys. apart from Rick all the boys had J names!

I miss our garden here. And having an upstairs bathroom. But the kids can scooter in the street with supervision. The beach is 10mins away. School is 5mins. Granny is only 20mins.