Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Smiles from Beth

She has her place at Afternoon Nursery for 2009 :o) 12-3 with lunch being 12-12.30.

I have to provide her with a picnic lunch to be eaten at school because as of September, Nursery is 3hrs not 2.5hrs (Although the way that Mrs Homer worked it this year was a 3hr session mornings only as there weren't many nursery students!)

I have to fill in her acceptance letter and I'll take that with Sian's dinner money to the office on Monday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a day.

It started with Sian falling over and ripping a hole in the knee of her tights. And then as we are about to turn round she wets herself. Definatley need to go home now. We have TEN minutes to get home and back to school!

Turn round and start speed walking home. Ask another Mum to tell Sian's teacher she's going to be late as I've got to get her changed.

Get to the end of our road, Beth falls over and I can't stop it. Cue two crying children. Pick Boo up and carry her some as we're on a time limit.

Get in send Sian up to change and tell her NOT to dawdle. She tells me she can't help it LOL.

Check Beth's knees.. she's got a nasty graze on one THRU her jeans. Spray it with some wipe solution hee. It's all about the delivery of it!

Go upstairs to check Sian's knees. She's not as badly grazed.. her tights took the worst I think. Help her get her last clean pair of tights on and put her school shoes back on.

Leave again and decide as we're late we'll get the bus. It's at the end of the road and noone at the stop before ours! RUN!! We now have one minute to get to school!

Get to school five minutes late. Poor Sian is mortified, but her teacher knows and she's not in trouble. I jstu could not find the energy to get her round to her class so we went to reception for them to take her down.

Go back and wati for another bus to get Boo back to nursery. Ironically she's earlier than usual! And as a result I didn't get a chance to tell them she'd been exposed to chicken pox. Msut do that tomorrow. And ask if she can go full time next term as thats waht she wants.

Walk a little slower to town to get the boy his last lot of Imms done. Get THERE with 5mins to spare and coughing like a smoker.

Rick is a little star. He didn't cry when Fiona did the first injection.. then the bottom lip went LOL. Then he did cry for the last one. A quick cuddle and he found his fingers. Ten minutes in teh waiting room and we were good to go.

I'm still coughing like a smoker. And I have a horrible feeling that my pregnancy induced remission from asthma is coming to an end.

Sian's first joke

What did the apple say to the banana?
Nothing, fruit can't talk!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sian's first parent/teacher...and some pics of course!

I so did NOT make her stand in either of these poses. But I reckon I could be the school photographer LOL. I can just see her school pics coming back like this

Sian and her lil' bro. having a kiss before we leave for school

So, we've had our first "parents evening" (actually at lunch time so daddy could come) it went well. Her teacher is lovely, she was bringing down everyones work books, but having only been at school a couple weeks Sian doesn't actually HAVE anything in hers yet!

She's nothing like a new girl apparently. Has settled in very well and has a really good freind in her class. They're little chatter boxes and can talk hind legs off donkeys! Her reading is really good, as is her spelling. She'll be getting extra help with writing in a couple weeks as she still doesn't hold her pen properly, and when she does she presses so lightly it's unreadable!