Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sian's first parent/teacher...and some pics of course!

I so did NOT make her stand in either of these poses. But I reckon I could be the school photographer LOL. I can just see her school pics coming back like this

Sian and her lil' bro. having a kiss before we leave for school

So, we've had our first "parents evening" (actually at lunch time so daddy could come) it went well. Her teacher is lovely, she was bringing down everyones work books, but having only been at school a couple weeks Sian doesn't actually HAVE anything in hers yet!

She's nothing like a new girl apparently. Has settled in very well and has a really good freind in her class. They're little chatter boxes and can talk hind legs off donkeys! Her reading is really good, as is her spelling. She'll be getting extra help with writing in a couple weeks as she still doesn't hold her pen properly, and when she does she presses so lightly it's unreadable!

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