Monday, June 30, 2008

Osterly Art in the Park

A community fun day local to us organised with the national trust and various community groups. Local Artists also come to display their art work and sell it if people are interested. This year both my parents displayed some with their "Art for All" group and mum also on her own.

Sian and Beth playing Connect 4 with the Scouts

Sian starting her mask

Decorating it

The finished article

Beth starting her mask (with a little help)

Decorating it

Finished! and it's too big!

nature pics

the girls liked the lillies

and really wanted to try standing on the lily pads!

one chance to get this pic. i took it.

baby coots with mama coot. less than a week old.

baby coots swimming around

Saturday, June 28, 2008

blah blah blah!


We went to Borth, Near Aberystwyth (Sian and Beth both say "Aserwifwif" LOL) which was gloriously hilly! In fact, here are some pics of the hill our holiday apartment was at the top of, and the view from said hill. The teamstars have nick named it "Cardiac Hill" rather than it's real name of Coed-y-Bryn LOL.

half way up looking to the apartment

same as before but zoomed into front door

view across cardigan bay

other direction

bottom of Coed-y-Bryn, it goes round a bend so you can't get the whole picture. It's STEEP!


Not much to report on the baby front. I've lost my 15wk scan pics (that's why they're not up yet) and have my 23wk scan on Tues- oh and NO, we're NOT finding out! I've been feeling the little beggar here and there though- nothing you can feel from the outside yet, and waaay too low for little hands to be feeling!


The lease is up in something like 23 days. So, after next week when all my commitments are finished, my poor kids are going to be stuck indoors packing boxes and sorting through toys and clothes to see what to keep, save and sell (we're gonna have a garden sale) I have every intention on the morning of 21 July phoning our housing officer and putting the ball right back in their court. I sooo won't be sorry to leave the shower that works patchily (my hair rarely gets washed properly atm as i hate being scalded then frozen in less than 30secs), the spiders in teh kitchen (only place they seem to stay in spite of the cobwebs every where) and the over grown back garden that we can;t put a washing line in. I WILL miss our front garden- except for the fact that BOTH girls can climb over the wall to the pavement by the road so I can't leave them to play out tehre while i work indoors any more.

random holiday pics

Sian at Sparkle Breakfast the day we left

watching "Who Framed Sparky Rabbit?" in PJs!

MoJo Feeding Beth at Naarky Breakfast

Naarky Breakfast again

"Raiders of the lost Naark"

Cute photo of Beth at Devil's Bridge

With a windmill


Trying to blow the windmill

Again with a windmill

Day trip to Devil's Bridge Pics

Friday, June 27, 2008