Friday, April 28, 2006

wow! we got an offer!

If you've been following our housing saga- we're currently in temporary housing (not to mention rent arrears) Then heres some good news for us

We are going to view a house with 2 other familys next weds!!! Well, the kids and I are as Clive is at work. We're probably the 3rd option couple, but we've been offered a viewing!!!!

It's a bit off the beaten track and neither in Isleworth NOR the surestart area, but it's big enough to sleep the kids in a room of their own AND house their clothes and it has a garden (or I'd not have bid on it!)

Thing is, I eitehr want to be in the surestart area or isleworth so I really hope that the highest priority couple takes it (and that we're not the highest priority!!)

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Real Nappy Week!

Just thought I'd share the fact that it's real nappy week LOL. Apparently there are a whopping 4 parents who use cloth nappies in Hounslow heh. Well we had 5 Cloth covered butts between us!

We also started stay and play in the new family room in te new community centre today. The room is much smaller than previosuly, but when all the work is finished there iwll aslo be an outdoor area. I do like the brightness and open plan style, it's almost sectioned off but not quite! Everyitng is at toddler/baby level which is nice (for them LOL)

Biggest pain is you have to hike the kids to the bathroom or kitchen with you if you need to go to teh loo or want a cuppa.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

More photos!

Whats up there Sian? I don't know Beth!
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Ah, something more interesting than the floor!
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Me and my cousin........
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Can I share my youghurt iwht you, boo?
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A bethy boo photo post

Hmm whats that?
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Have you got me, mama?
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TWO cushions? am i that unsteady?
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You're so funny, but it makes me smile!
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The car seat does NOT impress me
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ooh a treasure basket........
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a (not so) shrimpy picture post

Being Cheeky, having thrown "sunny"
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Ready to throw "sunny"
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Just my sweet shrimp
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Modelling her dolly sling
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In the daffodils at Kew Gardens
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Walking to the pub with Daddy
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Love You Rads

What's the life of a man any more than a leaf?

A man has his seasons, then why should we grieve?

Although in this wide world he appears fine and gay,

Like a leaf he shall wither and soon fade away.
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Just cause!

I couldn't post one without the other. Sian was in a grouchy mood and this was one of the few good pics we got of her.
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Boo at 6mos

Beth 2 days before 6mos. Notice how well she sits up? Sian was 8mos before she started even considering this feat! Boo has been sitting for well over a month now.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kew Palace

We went to visit Kew Palace, before it is completley finished and opened to visitors. It will be gorgeous when it's done. They are restoring it to as close to original as possible as they can. In the lift they have a replica of what the wallpaper would have been like in one of the princesses bedrooms. Only 15 children! Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside teh palace, but mum did get one of us outside, as you can see. It was a gorgeous day, but cccold and windy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh My GOSH!!

How do you frazzle me? Take 6 kids for a photo shoot at 2pm. Yup, my mum bless her decided to splash out and get a years worth of photos of her grandchildren. We had teh first session on Friday. How on earth we got any good pics of the 4 younger ones I just don't know. I will share when they come back! Next time (we have to do it 3 moe times yet!) it will be last sitting on a monday!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

yeah, i guess she's ready

we went out to eat sunday night and clive introduced beth to guacamole...... darnit i wish i'd had the camera and the ability to use it! she could not get enogh of the stuff!

the girly keeps trying to steal my food so i'm gonna have to start feedin her i guess..... today was banana, i wonder what tomorow wil bring!