Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Real Nappy Week!

Just thought I'd share the fact that it's real nappy week LOL. Apparently there are a whopping 4 parents who use cloth nappies in Hounslow heh. Well we had 5 Cloth covered butts between us!

We also started stay and play in the new family room in te new community centre today. The room is much smaller than previosuly, but when all the work is finished there iwll aslo be an outdoor area. I do like the brightness and open plan style, it's almost sectioned off but not quite! Everyitng is at toddler/baby level which is nice (for them LOL)

Biggest pain is you have to hike the kids to the bathroom or kitchen with you if you need to go to teh loo or want a cuppa.

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