Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Official!

We're now tenants in a three bedroom house. With a huge garden. And permission to decorate. And to do pretty much what we like to the garden.

We met our housing officer this morning, she's most defintly a get done type person. We had no heat/hot water till last night as british gas make the landlord phone to get it sorted (we're switching from them asap!) but she got them to come out and get it fixed. And she'll have us teh ability to plumb in the washing machine by next weds as well (they seem to have filled in the hole to the over flow pipe so the waste water has no where to go)

The girls room is ALMOST finished being painted a lighter blue. Bumps room IS now yellow- it took three coats to get the pink covered! We'll do the other rooms as and when we can. Next task.... unpack and place everything!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Excellent Customer Service!

All too often we hear the bad about companies. This time, I have the good.

Virgin Media... I phoned them asking to switch us off at the current property and how soon could they get us back on at the new.. and were there any deals they could do as technically we'd be new customers (a year or 18mos back they took over telewest who were our suppliers)

Saturday they're switching us OFF here AND getting us set up at the new property. I'll need to re-set my paperless billing. And for 6mos we get both evening and weekend UK landline calls free. (reverts to weekends only after that)

NPower... I phoned this morning at 9 to get the electricity switched back on at the new property. MIL and I pulled up to the electricians outside at about 10.15! We have electricity now!

and i want to tell you about a great website i found too... iammoving a place to tell everyone necessary about your move! and they'll help you find the best deals on gas/electricity/phone/tv/internet as well!

i'm hoping to get as good a response from british gas tomorrow when i call to get the gas back on... it's cold in that house once the sun isn't glaring through the windows!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New House Pics.

Back garden from bumps room. Look how LONG it is! It's very bumpy though!

Back garden from by the house. Sian wants to get a football out there!

Front garden (and clive locking up after we'd painted the first coat on bumps room and he'd laid most the flooring in the kids room)

Back (dining room)

Front (sitting) room.

Bumps room from window (it's NOT going to stay this colour!!!)

Bumps room from door

What will be the girls room from the corner.. just to give an idea of the colour. They've chosen a lighter blue. There should be room for their toys up there as well as their beds!

Our room from the window corner. Wow. We might be able to have some storage this time! No more clothes in a box for me!!!

Bathroom... it's small but better than the current one. It has a BATH!!! Can't wait to get the gas on and in that!

Belly Painting Pics

Beth and the Belly (Sian was there too, but Clive's a lousy photographer!!)

Kissing the bump.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heh. They're moving us further and further!

Away from my parents that is! All the while we bid on locata on properties near my parents as I'm my dad's carer (when I can get there at the moment!) Today, we saw our new home... for the next who knows how long! And it's another 3miles away! So NOW i'm a good 6-7 miles from them if they need me to come over at a drop of a hat. Only one bus, but a good 30mins on that one bus!

The House... (bad pics to follow!)

Has a HUGE back garden, that needs flattening!! But there's room out there that if we can get permission to play with it? Vege patch, Kids area AND a washing line. with space between the three! And there's a concreted bit just outside the kitchen door that even in winter the girlies could go out to play if it's not to wet. I didn't get pics of the front garden, but it has a couple of pretty purplish flowers in it and a grassy patch. and a drive for the car (so, just DH's work bus to find a parking spot for then!!)

Downstairs we have two reception rooms. The slightly smaller (front) one will be the sitting room. With the TV and Wii in it. Oh and the sofa! (and maybe some bookshelves!!!) The rear (larger) one will house the computer (finally out of my bedroom!), dining table, tumble dryer (possibly- later about that) and homeschool stuff. And a small kitchen. That is much better laid out than our current one. We do need to buy a cooker however.

Upstairs.. Small bathroom (couldn't swing a cat!) but bigger than what we have now- it has a BATH!!!! Small double bedroom (ours) at the front, large double bedroom at the back (girlies) which is currently a kind of dark blue. The girls chose a paler shade for us to paint it tomorrow- and we need to lay flooring in there. And "Orlando" who is now most DEFINATELY not allowed to come this week! has the box room, which is currently barbie pink, but will after some hard work become pineapple yellow!

The Costs....

laminate flooring for kids room (and underlay) £160, Paint for both rear bedrooms (and rollers/trays) £60, new cooker (and fitting) around the £200 mark, new tumble dryer as ours has just burnt out... i don't want to know! Maybe we can deal again. Nappies and all. I'm hoping that it just felt it ahd been worked too hard!

having a room for the baby that can house it's changing table and cot (moses basket for now) PRICELESS!

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!

If you've read this blog from the begining you'll know about all the trials and tribulations we have with trying to find housing in our area. And that the lease on our current property was up back in JULY.

We got a phone call yesterday morning asking if we could be at the temporary accommodation office this week to sign for a new (temporary, but hey!) property. Good job I was sitting down or I may have fallen! So, this morning in just a couple of hours we'll be finding out where our new THREE BEDROOM!!!! house is. I have a week to go before this baby is due to make an appearance, so I'm really REALLY hoping that it stays put while we move stuff from house to house.

Luckily my In Laws are both retired and can come and help us to pack, I have a super freind who's having the kids all day Wed-Fri and Beth's Godfather can help us out with a van after work and saturday pm/sunday all day. And one of the health team is coming to help as well after re-arranging her schedule for me (taht's how much she loves me and the kids!!)

So, we go this morning, sign paperwork, find out where we're going, how the council will help (they said they'll help with the removal), hopefully pick up keys and maybe start moving some bits later. WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF HERE BY NEXT MONDAY!!!!!!!!


Holy Moly! £180 for two car keys. And then ANOTHER £60 when they arrive to have them programmed into the car?! It's daylight bloody robbery. But it will make life a little easier as at the moment we're having to lock/unlock the car manually wich means remembering to leave the passenger door open when you get out.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

curses on you woman!!

you'll know who you are when i say dunelm mill we went to get a shower curtain and some pillows. we came out £50 poorer! why a shower curtain? it's cheaper than anything else to protect the floor while i give birth! we also have some new bed linen and the girls got new cutlery.

Baby Show....

new nappies (bitti d'lish) modeled by the girls. funny how i was looking for fleece liners for the new one and this happened!! i have to say even stuffed to the brim for over night use (only time the girls wear nappies now) they're very trim. I also had a look at the bum genius as i've heard good things about them, but i'm not a velcro person so didn't buy one to try (and these two cost only £5 more than one BG would have!)

Clive is now a member of the first ever sausage club Sian tried the wild boar and apple yesterday and said it was deeelicious. So they had sausages for dinner when we got home. For his money he gets 10lbs of sausages delivered to the door twice a year. we split the membership with mum though as she and dad go through the bangers too. I have to say i was most impressed iwth how well these hold together when cooking. and they don't smell like the ones you get in tescos!!

Baby update..

well, as much as. it's still in there baking nicely thanks! We bought "lando" a coat and baby grow from pumpkin patch. The coat is grey with a hippo embroidered on one pocket and the baby grow is white iwth a hippo. And s/he has an infant carrier now as it's too awkward to strap sian into her booster seat iwth the convertible in there.

trish is away again. so an appearance is not allowed to be made this week LOL. we have plans anyway. (sign class, car keys, high school musical 3) come on oct 28th and i'll win my own birth pool!!

Beth's Birthday Pictures.

Birthday Cake!!

We took over this table!!

with most the kids

Uncle Stevie is the best uncle 2 years in a row. he found a giant makka pakka!!!

opening sian's present

opening mama and daddy's present

upsy daisy bed!!

night garden counter, neat.

Kew Gardens

Random Geese. Like babies with no nappies, they do their business EVERYWHERE!

Daddy and Boo messing around

Sian-a-banana (ask her!) playing hide and seek in the trees

Eww... sticky!

making the venus fly trap work

Tree Listening. Yes, really!

More Tree Listening (they creak!)

How does it work?

Well this one you hit!

A wooden snail.

We went to Kew Gardens a few weeks ago. The girls went into climbers and creepers (where there were far too many people, and not nearly enough supervision) and had fun with the inside and out exhibits. We tried to find the giant badger sett and tree top walk but neither was findable so we jsut had a walk! And if you get the chance to listen to a tree, they creak. Lots.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Owwww! I want my body back!

I know it will happen. I'm just whinging cause "Lando" isn't due for a few more weeks. Ideally s/he will come when Clive has half term (so sometime between Oct 18-26th!) but the EDD is the week AFTER that and we all know kids come when *THEY* want to LOL

Onto the whinge.

I hurt. But mostly at night. I sleep maybe for 30mins at a time. and during that I toss and turn trying to get comfortable. I can't (waaah) It happens during the day too, but usually if i Sit/Stand/Walk too long. At least during the day It's easy to change positions. Come the morning, actually, it doesn't even take that long. Once I've been in bed an hour moving is agony. And getting up to go to the bathroom? I look like an old lady hobbling along as my left hip is complaining if I put any weight on it. It takes a good hour of "owching" to get going. and that's with plenty of stopping as well.

And I hope that the

painful, stop and breathe through them braxton hicks twinges are actually DOING something to help my labour along! I won't have a nursling this time as Beth gave her Mummy Milk up a few months ago when it dried up to switch to colostrum. Sian, of course I told at 4 she was a big girl and didn't need Mummy Milk any more. They still both love my boobies... ask Beth why and she'll tell you "cause they are soooo delicious" and then says "when lando's here theres one for me and one for him" so funny. can't wait to have a baby attached to me again!

Okay, I'm almost

un-achey enough to go and make pancakes with teh girls. They've had toast as a "snack" and now we're making pancakes for a real breakfast LOL. I think they're hungry! They helped me with a roast last night. Although we did cheat and buy ready to roast potatoes LOL. We're doing roast chicken together for Christmas dinner this year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

She's a BIG girl now!

My baby girl turned THREE yesterday! How on earth did THAT happen ;o) We had a lovely, normal day. The only thing of note was we took over a rather LARGE chunk of the local mcdonalds for lunch LOL. I think there must have been around 20 of us there hehe. Well, if they'd have let us use the party room we wouldn't have clogged up the store for an hour would we?! Other than that, all Boo wanted to do was go to soft play and stay and play like we normally do on a thursday.

I think her favourite presents were her Giant Makka Pakka from her Uncle Stevie. And the Upsy Daisy Bed from Mama and Daddy. She wouldn't go to bed till I'd put her Stephanie (lazytown) PJs on though LOL. And she has a very cute top that I'm putting on her tomorrow! Sian got her an "in the night garden" abacus (2 rows of beads, 1 of ITNG characters and 1 of the ten pontipines) other than that she got lots of arty crafty stuff, some undies and an alarm clock... not sure we'll use that LOL. thegirls are very good at crawling into my bed around 5.30am for snuggles!

I did get photo's, but they're still on the camera (really must get them off that, it needs to go in for repair as the flash doesn't work) I will share them as soon as they're on the computer though.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

We're good to go!

Trish came round today with my homebirth pack (yay!) and we're now good to go (cause i started writing this some time ago LOL) BP was fine, babe is head down- and i swear it's all legs! I got an unexpected peek at it last week. HR still there and wriggly LOL. urine clear. i need another anti-d which i've arranged to have at the end of the week.

I need to buy a car seat and some water proof sheeting (read shower curtains!) and see if i can still borrow a freinds birthing pool (please, i've been trying for a water birth for years!)

the cloth nappies and all the baby clothes we have are at mums now. just need to bring the moses basket over. and after that we pack for me and the girlies. hopefully that will give me enough room to at least have space in our bedroom to create room for baby-kins!

now i just need to hold on to my temper a wee while longer and then when this one arrives get down to housing to add them to the list (entitling us to a bigger property) meanwhile i need to try and get hold of our housing officer about a hole in the roof and to see what on earth is going on with the lease (that they told us they weren't renewing and was up almost 4 months ago)

next excitement... beth's birthday!! new post with pics to follow after the big event LOL