Saturday, October 11, 2008

Owwww! I want my body back!

I know it will happen. I'm just whinging cause "Lando" isn't due for a few more weeks. Ideally s/he will come when Clive has half term (so sometime between Oct 18-26th!) but the EDD is the week AFTER that and we all know kids come when *THEY* want to LOL

Onto the whinge.

I hurt. But mostly at night. I sleep maybe for 30mins at a time. and during that I toss and turn trying to get comfortable. I can't (waaah) It happens during the day too, but usually if i Sit/Stand/Walk too long. At least during the day It's easy to change positions. Come the morning, actually, it doesn't even take that long. Once I've been in bed an hour moving is agony. And getting up to go to the bathroom? I look like an old lady hobbling along as my left hip is complaining if I put any weight on it. It takes a good hour of "owching" to get going. and that's with plenty of stopping as well.

And I hope that the

painful, stop and breathe through them braxton hicks twinges are actually DOING something to help my labour along! I won't have a nursling this time as Beth gave her Mummy Milk up a few months ago when it dried up to switch to colostrum. Sian, of course I told at 4 she was a big girl and didn't need Mummy Milk any more. They still both love my boobies... ask Beth why and she'll tell you "cause they are soooo delicious" and then says "when lando's here theres one for me and one for him" so funny. can't wait to have a baby attached to me again!

Okay, I'm almost

un-achey enough to go and make pancakes with teh girls. They've had toast as a "snack" and now we're making pancakes for a real breakfast LOL. I think they're hungry! They helped me with a roast last night. Although we did cheat and buy ready to roast potatoes LOL. We're doing roast chicken together for Christmas dinner this year.


clairemiddleton said...

Not too long now, honey! I wish I had the bottle to drive to the general London area so I could practice some photography with the kiddos!

wheezeybouncer said...

it's not like we're actually IN london. get brave and bring kristy down too. she's with you/in irleand around my EDD isn't she? i will keep you updated with bump issues!