Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heh. They're moving us further and further!

Away from my parents that is! All the while we bid on locata on properties near my parents as I'm my dad's carer (when I can get there at the moment!) Today, we saw our new home... for the next who knows how long! And it's another 3miles away! So NOW i'm a good 6-7 miles from them if they need me to come over at a drop of a hat. Only one bus, but a good 30mins on that one bus!

The House... (bad pics to follow!)

Has a HUGE back garden, that needs flattening!! But there's room out there that if we can get permission to play with it? Vege patch, Kids area AND a washing line. with space between the three! And there's a concreted bit just outside the kitchen door that even in winter the girlies could go out to play if it's not to wet. I didn't get pics of the front garden, but it has a couple of pretty purplish flowers in it and a grassy patch. and a drive for the car (so, just DH's work bus to find a parking spot for then!!)

Downstairs we have two reception rooms. The slightly smaller (front) one will be the sitting room. With the TV and Wii in it. Oh and the sofa! (and maybe some bookshelves!!!) The rear (larger) one will house the computer (finally out of my bedroom!), dining table, tumble dryer (possibly- later about that) and homeschool stuff. And a small kitchen. That is much better laid out than our current one. We do need to buy a cooker however.

Upstairs.. Small bathroom (couldn't swing a cat!) but bigger than what we have now- it has a BATH!!!! Small double bedroom (ours) at the front, large double bedroom at the back (girlies) which is currently a kind of dark blue. The girls chose a paler shade for us to paint it tomorrow- and we need to lay flooring in there. And "Orlando" who is now most DEFINATELY not allowed to come this week! has the box room, which is currently barbie pink, but will after some hard work become pineapple yellow!

The Costs....

laminate flooring for kids room (and underlay) £160, Paint for both rear bedrooms (and rollers/trays) £60, new cooker (and fitting) around the £200 mark, new tumble dryer as ours has just burnt out... i don't want to know! Maybe we can deal again. Nappies and all. I'm hoping that it just felt it ahd been worked too hard!

having a room for the baby that can house it's changing table and cot (moses basket for now) PRICELESS!

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