Thursday, October 23, 2008

Excellent Customer Service!

All too often we hear the bad about companies. This time, I have the good.

Virgin Media... I phoned them asking to switch us off at the current property and how soon could they get us back on at the new.. and were there any deals they could do as technically we'd be new customers (a year or 18mos back they took over telewest who were our suppliers)

Saturday they're switching us OFF here AND getting us set up at the new property. I'll need to re-set my paperless billing. And for 6mos we get both evening and weekend UK landline calls free. (reverts to weekends only after that)

NPower... I phoned this morning at 9 to get the electricity switched back on at the new property. MIL and I pulled up to the electricians outside at about 10.15! We have electricity now!

and i want to tell you about a great website i found too... iammoving a place to tell everyone necessary about your move! and they'll help you find the best deals on gas/electricity/phone/tv/internet as well!

i'm hoping to get as good a response from british gas tomorrow when i call to get the gas back on... it's cold in that house once the sun isn't glaring through the windows!

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fiberfanatic said...

I am so THRILLED that you have a BETTER place! YAY!