Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kew Gardens

Random Geese. Like babies with no nappies, they do their business EVERYWHERE!

Daddy and Boo messing around

Sian-a-banana (ask her!) playing hide and seek in the trees

Eww... sticky!

making the venus fly trap work

Tree Listening. Yes, really!

More Tree Listening (they creak!)

How does it work?

Well this one you hit!

A wooden snail.

We went to Kew Gardens a few weeks ago. The girls went into climbers and creepers (where there were far too many people, and not nearly enough supervision) and had fun with the inside and out exhibits. We tried to find the giant badger sett and tree top walk but neither was findable so we jsut had a walk! And if you get the chance to listen to a tree, they creak. Lots.

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