Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sian and the gloves....

Sian has very little fat on her. If you've ever met my kids you'll know they are NOTHING like Clive and I in build (well, except height maybe, Clive's short) So with this chilly weather Sian's hands tend to get cold very quickly (Beth's don't, but she is "fatter")

Yesterday she was wearng her mittens when she got TOO school. But when I picked her up, she'd lost them. Result, melt down. Anyway, she'd taken them off to play in the water (shock #2 this week, she's organised!!! shock #1 was being told she's quiet!) So, this morning I put her gloves on her and told her that if she lost them she'd be gloveless. I get to pick her up this afternoon and she has two pairs of gloves! Her mits had ended up in teh play house!

She was star of the day again today. She got three stickers.. one for spelling "dream", one for tidying up and one for doing her spellings. Her teacher told me she has been whizzing through her sounding out words. She brought home 2 sets tonight and went through them 4x each with ease. I always suspected she could read more than she let on, and I was proved right. She read a whole book to me the other day. The only word she needed help with? "aeroplane"

I'm quite looking forward to meeting her teacher next week and seeing her work. Today she brought home a kite she'd made at shcool. On the back was a VERY good attempt at writing her name (she can't hold a pencil properly yet) *and* she'd rememberd the "hat" over the a in sian. Homeschooling hasn't held her back at all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He's how old?

Ok, I know the answer to that. He's 16wks tomorrow. (4mos NEXT week)

I left him iwth a train on his mat. I left the room to do something. Next thing I hear? The train chuffing away. You have to push down on the funnel to acheive this. He has the train in his hand and a satisfied grin on his face. I know what my little man likes.. well at the moment. Trains. This one in particular. And he wants me to go play with him some more so I am.

I'll get pics of him and his train later.

Inspiration to me

comes from a friend. Her son is just 3wks younger than mine (and about 3x smaller LOL) and she managed to lose weight all through her pregnancy. You can read her journey and how it IS possible to lose weight AND have a healthy pregnancy on her blog

She's now about 50lbs lighter than I am, and I want to tell her how impressed I am with her acheivement!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some randomness

Sian ready for her first school disco (Feb 11 2009)

Beth showing me just HOW BIG her mouth is LOL

Trying to escape his big sisters clutches!

Lovin' my lil' bro. Not that he appreciates it!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

more of the boy.

I used to suck my fingers like this too! He really is mine LOL.

Who needs a pushchair? He's happily asleep in there!

Tummy Time.. oh and showing off his cute yellow nappy too!

Hitching a lift with Daddy

Just too cute!

Rick's first snow

Frederick didn't want to miss out on the snow fun either so on the Tuesday Mama bundled him up in two jackets and put FIVE layers of blanket down on the still untouched snow in the front garden. The back had been demolished by his big sisters and their teenage friend the day before!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Star of the Day

The title says it all! Day 4 and my little girl was her teachers "Star of the Day" All I could get out of her was that she'd been good all day to earn it. So what ever the reason for the award, Mama was proud that night.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow Day!!

Beth's 1st Day

Beth's not such a picture freak as Sian LOL. She'd much rather be BEHIND the camera! But here are some from her first day at Groveley Hall Nursery. She'll be there till September when she'll go to KMS Nursery for a year.