Friday, January 26, 2007


I finish with the asthma and then get a throat infection. *moan* if i'd have known when I went to see the dr about the cough Tuesday MORNING that by the evening my throat would be sore...........! so thats another weeks worth of antibiotics then. Swallowing is almost impossible- even fizzy drinks that usually go down with ease hurt. and forget trying to take the symbicort, i did weds and it was NOT a pleasant sound.

My sister called and needs me to go to wales to baby sit while she's at work while her DH comes up here to be with his grandad. 1 of me (sick), 2 kids (with snotty colds *and* taking full advantage), 3 bags, 1 pushchair and a 3 hr train journey............. i better sign off!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Final visit (for this round at least) to the nurse today. PF hit 400 and she was happy with that. Still symtomatic, but not nearly as bad as it was. Finally finished the pred and antibiotics YAY! AND I get to reduce teh Symbicort to 2 BD WOOHOO! Of course, I still have to go and see the GP next week as teh cough is still persisting in spite of all the meds. And get my bee-hind back there sooner than that if it all goes pear shaped. Oh, also if the cough gets worse before my appt next week then I must go to open surgery and see someone.

I had lost 18lbs.... I gained 3 back *sob* I will lose them again, and more before my birthday! No more pizzas for tea LOL actually, Sian asked for it tonight and I couldn't eb botherd to cook (see, being lazy) so we ordered in.

CLIVE put the kids to bed. and i worked very hard at ignoring him shout at the girls when they wouldn't go to sleep (he denies it but i could hear him over the TV and at the back of th ehouse.) He did get the m to bed though whoopee!

gonna sign off cuz i'm getting kinda tight and tired now. maybe this will be thre first night in weeks taht i don't' wake up coughing, panting and wondering what hit me?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


in spite of being on my THIRD course of prednisolone in 6weeks, max dose of inhaled steroid, antibiotics and maxing out the ventolin by tea time every otehr day or so......

i still can't catch my breath or stop coughing. i'm sick of this now. i want it to stop please.

Clive is no help. he jstu asked why i was puffing and panting (think it was pay back for me earlier cause he was out of breath climbing the stairs) shows me how much he notices about his wife, huh? he's going to wash up and do the kitchen tonight, i've decided! i'll go and put the washing on for him (aren't i nice!)

18lbs gone.......

Seems every pound I lose, the worse my breathing gets. Shouldn't that be the other way round? I've lost more though so getting closer to that dress...... next? get a bra to go under it!

Another visit to the asthma nurse yesteray. Janet this time. Got the speech I've used so many times with other freinds online (you know, the one where you get told that "asthma can kill you") And told that Clive needs to start helping out more around the house and with the kids.

3 nebs in as many days, a course of antibiotics, another 5 days of pred. *yuck* not sure how I'm losing weight with that! and still no decrease in the symbicort. I want to get down to 2 puffs once a day on the symbicort..... and to hit 420 on the peak flow meter (497 predicted & 500 best so i'm not asking for too muchright now!) oh, and i get to go back to Janet on Tuesday for anotehr follow up. please let me be able to stop some of this madness!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


to go or not to go......

back to class in the morning.

its blwoing a gale. i;m still coughing. and val already told me that i really should consider *not* going .........

on the other hand.

i already missed class a coupel times. it s a breka for all of us (kids are in creche while i'm in calss) and i get to use my brian for an hour or so!


Wouldn't it be just our luck...

To get the house i bid on *round the corner* from us? one of my biggest problmes wiht this house is the lack of bath. we managed already. i'm sure we can canrry on manageing! the property has an extra WC.... very useful with potty trianing toddlers, no?

bitter sweet..

sian hasn't nursed in well over a week. i didn't realise how hard it was till i was talking to a MW/LC freind on weds. and almost started crying.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

no more pred!

had a follow up today with Val. that went over like a ton of bricks.

back to back nebuliser treaatments *defintley* helped. i stopped being pale and started being pink again. she gave me the option of whether to do it tonight or tomrow iif i felt i still needed it. i opted for tonight. poor sian did NOT cope well with that. didn't help the PF tough.

no more pred (yay!) although i do have it on hand now in case of need. i got a weeks worth of antibiotics instead, cause even though my chest is clear *now* my tempreture was raised and i'm either finishing up or starting a chest infection. hopefully finishing and the abx. will just quicken the process!

i feel so bad, cause i ended up being an hour for a 15min appointmetn. and the dr kept having to come into me between patients. if i'd have felt better i'd blush...... oh wait, if id felt better i wouldn't have been there for an hour!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ergh. Next time I wont 2nd guess


Woke at 3am coughing fit to bust. Lovely. Spent some time chatting (thank GOODNESS for the internet!) then Beth decides that 4.30am is a good time to be awake for the day. I was watching TV by 5.30am still coughing.

Dropped some clothes off at the hospital for SCBU.... Not wanting to need preemie clothes again LOL and they're always desperate. Then walked to the drs surgery.

By the time 9.30am and I'd drugged myself up came, I was fine again. No coughing, wheezeing, breathlessness. I asked if Janet had any appts. for today, but she was fully booked and the waiting time for the dr was about an hour- with 2 kids in tow? I have an appt. tuesday. Im feeling fine, let someone who *needs* it have the space.

SO, 2.30pm gets here..... yeah same ol' same ol' once again I'm tight, sob & coughing my guts up.
The kids have doen everything possible to annoy me it feels like, andi'm ready for a good cry.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


can wriggle out of a pair of shoes in 0 seconds flat!

She needed some new ones as hers were getting to small. So, as she had the velcro figured and the shoe off within 2mins of getting them first time I thought buckles might be the way to go. How wrong I was!!! I think it took her 20mins to get the shoe off. Not sure what to try next......... taping tehm on?!

Ah, but we *did* get the "highchair booster" taht we've wanted since the girls started arguing over who's sitting in each chair. Now they both sit quite happily in identical chairs. Of course, the new one is non-returnable, at my own risk and with no manual! Oh, and discontinued. I had to ask *reeeeeeeeally* nicely to get it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sian @ 3years....

first, i weighed her yesterday. she's 12.6kgs (26lbs) now and has jumped up a centile line in weight! thats a 1.6kg gain in 6mos. all that eating is paying off- she had 3 bowls of pasta monday night!

onto nursing... i wasn't going to nurse past 1yr....2yrs.... 3yrs
G: big 3yos don't have mama milk
S: i not 3, i sian
G: you are my sian, my big 3yo sian
S: sian's do have mama milk
S: i not 3, i one, bethy's 3!
yeah, i've given in and let her have mama milk morning and evening. but no longer in public, she's just too big!

we started home school yesterday...... at baby clinic! we slotted all the planned learning into 2hrs in the morning and once again my little shrimp suprised me, this time with the alphabet from A-E! we did some colouring iwth Beth (never too young to color!) pencil skills, color recognition & counting while we walked to town, shapes with the nursery nurse at baby clinic and reading cause we were at the library. oh and some signing as well.

the potty.. nope, she still isn't potty trained, i'm hoping she will one day! she knows what its for and does wee on it when i put her on there if she needs to go after breakfast and before bed. i don't want to trash the carpet with accidents here though because we'd have to replace it and it's only temporary housing.
she was standing with a look of extreme concentration on her face
G: do you need a wee-wee?
S: no
G: do you need to sit on the potty?
S: no
G: are you doing a poopy?
S: silence...... looks releived
G: do you need a clean nappy?
S: not quite....... *sigh* change my nappy!

I think I'm going to bite the bullet on the potty training tomorow. I know she can go at least a couple of hours in knickers cause i've put her in them before to see if she notices when she wees. Wish me luck!

Clives being an ass as usual added to which, he's working 8-8 all week and the girls aren't seeing him at all till Sunday now. Sian's been going to bed good as gold at 7.30 for the past two nights. give it another week or so and if it carries on i'll take the sides off her cot for her.............!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


wnt for a follow up with the nurse after my last disastrous asthma check. lets just say it was only marginally better!

i got greeted by one of the receptionists telling my taht i looked awful- and to make sure i *told* her if my breathing got worse. then the nurse told me that i sounded very asthmatic today!

i'd only met val breifly before now when she was shadowing janet before she started working there. gotta say, both those ladies are lovely. val's also asthmatic so she knows where i'm coming from, and janets speciality is asthma. i so don't want to change GPs!

onto the nitty gritty.......

my last peak flow was 320 (at a push!) adn today was 370. *but* i also know that i can drop like a stone in water. yeah, taht'd be an indication that a trip to A&E might be in order (i was asked if i'd like one of them too, i politely declined!)

Val made me take my meds in the office, parlty cause i NEEDED them, and aslo so she could check my inhaler techniue (yeah, i got a good mark for *something* forgetting the meds when i went to wales was NOT such a good plan huh)

she asked if i had some pred at home ....... and why didn't i just start it again (i just finished a 5 day burst on xmas eve) specially as i was obviously NOT 100%. So i got another 5days of pred and no decrease in the symbicort. lets see if we can improve things this time. I go back next week.

Happy New Year!

So, another year starts (well, started yesterday LOL) and so yet another year for me to try and remember to update the blog!!

For the first time in a LONG time, very few shops were open in Hounslow yesterday. It didn't stop me finding some new clothes though LOL. I've had more new clothes in the past month than I've bought in the past 2 years! And I don't want to fit them in 6months time!

My haul on New Years day:

  • Strapless evening dress (18) reduced from £30 to £15, I *WILL* fit that by my birthday!
  • Brown (not black or blue!) Jeans with funky belt (22) of course, they only fit where they touch, but they were really nice and I'll wear them
  • Pink (gasp, i hate pink!) hoodie (18) not that long ago I'd have needed a 22 up top! my boobs are still huge but the rolls are going slowly!
  • Mr Men t-shirt (18) this ones a bit tighter, but i didn't try it on. still gonna wear it though!

And during the rest of December i got
  • 2 pairs soft courdroy trousers with dragon embroidery (20) 1 blue, 1 cream
  • 1 fitted shirt that is IMPOSSIBLE to nurse in! (20) no way could i fit that in an 18, the shirt is cut narrow

add to that mam is going to take me shopping for clothes on my birthday and I'd like to be a 16/18 by then, I better get serious with the exercseice and healhty eating LOL ok. the eating part we have down pat. I need to get the skipping rope out again, and back on teh trampoline. I have a sports bra now, and just found my leotard wich will help hold the boobs in!

Operation fit that dress has started!