Tuesday, January 09, 2007

no more pred!

had a follow up today with Val. that went over like a ton of bricks.

back to back nebuliser treaatments *defintley* helped. i stopped being pale and started being pink again. she gave me the option of whether to do it tonight or tomrow iif i felt i still needed it. i opted for tonight. poor sian did NOT cope well with that. didn't help the PF tough.

no more pred (yay!) although i do have it on hand now in case of need. i got a weeks worth of antibiotics instead, cause even though my chest is clear *now* my tempreture was raised and i'm either finishing up or starting a chest infection. hopefully finishing and the abx. will just quicken the process!

i feel so bad, cause i ended up being an hour for a 15min appointmetn. and the dr kept having to come into me between patients. if i'd have felt better i'd blush...... oh wait, if id felt better i wouldn't have been there for an hour!

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