Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Final visit (for this round at least) to the nurse today. PF hit 400 and she was happy with that. Still symtomatic, but not nearly as bad as it was. Finally finished the pred and antibiotics YAY! AND I get to reduce teh Symbicort to 2 BD WOOHOO! Of course, I still have to go and see the GP next week as teh cough is still persisting in spite of all the meds. And get my bee-hind back there sooner than that if it all goes pear shaped. Oh, also if the cough gets worse before my appt next week then I must go to open surgery and see someone.

I had lost 18lbs.... I gained 3 back *sob* I will lose them again, and more before my birthday! No more pizzas for tea LOL actually, Sian asked for it tonight and I couldn't eb botherd to cook (see, being lazy) so we ordered in.

CLIVE put the kids to bed. and i worked very hard at ignoring him shout at the girls when they wouldn't go to sleep (he denies it but i could hear him over the TV and at the back of th ehouse.) He did get the m to bed though whoopee!

gonna sign off cuz i'm getting kinda tight and tired now. maybe this will be thre first night in weeks taht i don't' wake up coughing, panting and wondering what hit me?

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