Tuesday, January 02, 2007


wnt for a follow up with the nurse after my last disastrous asthma check. lets just say it was only marginally better!

i got greeted by one of the receptionists telling my taht i looked awful- and to make sure i *told* her if my breathing got worse. then the nurse told me that i sounded very asthmatic today!

i'd only met val breifly before now when she was shadowing janet before she started working there. gotta say, both those ladies are lovely. val's also asthmatic so she knows where i'm coming from, and janets speciality is asthma. i so don't want to change GPs!

onto the nitty gritty.......

my last peak flow was 320 (at a push!) adn today was 370. *but* i also know that i can drop like a stone in water. yeah, taht'd be an indication that a trip to A&E might be in order (i was asked if i'd like one of them too, i politely declined!)

Val made me take my meds in the office, parlty cause i NEEDED them, and aslo so she could check my inhaler techniue (yeah, i got a good mark for *something* forgetting the meds when i went to wales was NOT such a good plan huh)

she asked if i had some pred at home ....... and why didn't i just start it again (i just finished a 5 day burst on xmas eve) specially as i was obviously NOT 100%. So i got another 5days of pred and no decrease in the symbicort. lets see if we can improve things this time. I go back next week.


Chia Mimi said...

Happy NewYear wishes and kind regards from The Netherlands.

Hope you are feeling better again soon.

fiberfanatic said...

Oh dear. Sorry your PF is dropping! Take care, you hear? No, forgetting the inhaler on the trip to Wales does NOT earn points, sorry! Um, I finally put my nebulizer in my purse, because I forgot it otherwise. The PF meter, on the other hand, gets taken out, put down, and forgotten. sigh