Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another year over (well, almost!)

Just thought I'd do a HAPPY NEW YEAR! post for a change. 2006 saw Beth turn from a baby into a toddler. And Sian turn into a teenage 3yo! I love them both to pieces and wouldn't be with out them, temper tantrums and all!

I wonder what 2007 will have in store for us? Hopefully permanent housing (if we're lucky somwhere with a garden!), a win on the lottery would be nice (heh), but above all? I'll take good health and friends and family to share joys and sadness with, both online and in real life :o)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Vent...........Vent......... Vent

Clive you do NOT need to shout at us all day everyday. I don't care if thats waht your mother did (she still does i know, everytime we go up i have to re-teach sian how to talk quietly) in fact, can you TALK to your kids, not shout at them the minute they open their mouths or just get up from where ver they were sitting.

If you didn't want to take sian to see her cousins for her birthday why didn't you say so when i was booking it? instead of today AFTER the fact. How was I supposed ot know at the *BEGINING* of the month that you were going ot be too tired to drive? or why didn't you say that you only wanted to stay ONE NIGHT. I asked you these questions whn I booked. so don't f*ing complain about it now.

And if you want to go and see YOUR FATHER in PUTNEY then YOU ARE GOING TO HAVTO DRIVE CAUSE I CAN'T!!!!!!! don't come over all "i'm the taxi driver " when you know damned well that either he uses the work car *out of working hours* or we drive or take the bus. I have no problems with the bus, we have two pushchairs.

Friday, December 29, 2006


  • An oddity in the UK... children rear facing after 9mos.... in fact, a child harnessed at 3 is odd!
  • The girls in their christmas PJs...... we always get new PJs on chrsitmas eve. This year Beth chose them.
  • Santa came and left a piano, a big hit with both girls!
  • She does have a lovely smile ;o) ok, i'm a bit biased!
  • Sian has all the attitude of a 13yo LOL i don't even remember why i took the picture!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Sian Louise!

It seems impossible that 3 years ago you were a tiny little 3lb 13oz shrimpy girl who's head was smaller than Mama's boobage! Now, well you're still tiny, but your attitude and big mouth sure make you heard! I love you to peices my precious one, even when you're being a teenager!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Thingymas!

We tracked Santa last night ( and Sian and Daddy left him out a mince pie and drop of whiskey to say thank you - I wonder if Santa ever gets drunk? Or sick of mince pies! Must apologise to the reindeer though, we forgot to get them any carrots :o(

This year, Sian understood the concept of unwrapping presents LOL. She went through her stocking in record time hehe. Beth opened her first one and was quite contented! It reminded me of Sian's first Christmas- bear in mind, this is only her 2nd! I can't beleive she'll be 3 in just 2 days. My littl ebaby is fast becoming a little girl (with a big attitude!)

After we did stockings in Mama and Daddys bed we went downstairs. Santa left the big presents unwrapped this year. Sian got a piano........ HIT! She sang "I am the muskick man" for about an hour! In fact she's bashing away on it as I type. Beth got a peek-a-blocks school bus........... she's more interested in the piano lol. Ah well. Sian liked the bus too- in fact I have a photo of her sitting in it! There other big present this year of course was the trip to CBeebies Live! on Saturday. (Sian still wants to see it again- can we? can we? pleeeease?)

We went over to GrannyJan and Grandads to spend the day from about 11.30am. Christmas is defintaly a time to be with your family if you possibly can. Mum started lunch and I finished it. Found out that both the girls like asparagus! Oh and christmas pudding with clotted cream! I'm rather stuffed wtih good food and good company now.

Sian and Beth got so many new clothes today it was unbeleivable! But i think the jackpot for friends presents must have gone to Uncle Steve- he managed to find the "something special" DVDs cue two giant smiles from the girls. Their CDs to each other probably ran a close second!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

CBeebies Live!

The show was FAAAAAAAAAN-Tastic! Sian sat through the whole first hour entranced, joining in at all the right times. Even Beth was fairly still for a toddler! (ok, mama milk helped!)

We saw Justin and Mr Tumble (the girls favourite person), The Tweenies, Postman Pat- and Jess, Pingu, Naughty Noo-Noo, The Koala Brothers, Boo, PC Plum, Spencer and The Bobinogs. When we came out and asked Sian if she enjoyed it? She said no LOL then said she wanted to go again. If only we had the spare money sweetie! Defintley a hit methinks.

From all the over priced souveniers we managed to come home with.......... just the £4 program! Mind you, 4 portions of chips and a tub of maltesers came to £12... we should have gone abck to the car first! SIan was so cold her hadns were blue though and we just wanted to warm her up. (HAH)

The customer service through the whole arena was poor. No-one knew what anyone else was doing. (piss up in brewery? no way!) and the facilities for changing children's nappies was totally inadequate. In fact, we ended up changing Beth on the seats during the interval.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

i have a goal!

if you'd please ignore the socks, lumps and bumps and headless body! this is a size 18designer number from debenhams. it's not only ON me. it's done up (so sucks to you ms. snotty attendant who told me i needed 2 sizes bigger.)

now onto my goal.... i want to fit into this dress nicely by my birthday. that's 2months away. i'm down just over a stone already, i reckon another 12-14lbs and i'll be happy to wear it to the theatre. oh, with the addition of a strapless bra!!

i did get a new fleecey jacket today... size 18! it's shrot in the sleeves LOL but fits nicely everywhere else, even done up

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beth's first shoes

i know it's a bit late, but here are beth's first real shoes. they're totally trashed now with paint, glue, play dough and sand! we need to get the kids feet measured either tomorow or friday. i'm actually hoping they *haven't* grown as the budget doesn't stretch to new footwear right now! (it will if it has too, but we're going away for a few days after christmas)

we started sian's first christmas the tradition of getting new PJs christmas eve. we still need to get this years, so i think we'll combine the buying of PJs with measuring of feet on friday! a top to go under beth's christmas dress is also a must as it's a short sleeved (although heavy weight) spring/autumn dress. it was so pretty though - and PINK! I chose 2 PINK outfits for my child! I hate pink!!! nah, they're cute. Sian has a black/fushia outfit from grannyjan and grandad and her christmas out fit is a pair of embroidered jeans and a christmas t-shirt she chose herself!

ramble ramble ramble

asthma woes

it's well over three years since i had to have pred. ugh. on the other hand, it'll be good to breathe again! i really am bad about my asthma, yet so ready to sort the kids out. my meds got changed from qvar 2x2 (3x2 when it's bad) to symbicort 2x4 while its bad and 2x2 once it's under control again. oh and i've instrcutions to head to a&e if it gets worse with a follow up on Jan 2 i've been eatng ventolin liek it's going out of fashion htis week or so.

breast feeding props

i've been a peer supporter for breast feeding mothers at our local sure start baby clinic for just over a year now. i asked the health visitor yesterday if the BF rate has increased this year. as the answer was yes, i think i've done my job well! (and i enjoy it too) next year we're hoping to run our own peer supporters course- which i've been told i should ace LOL. i can't wait for that as it's being run by the lady who inspired me to want to go further with this (i'd still like to be a BFCounselor one day, but at least with K's course i won't be answerable to anyone but surestart)

oh and i fell in love wiht a dad yesterday! he wants the best possible start for his kids, and that includes nursing till they're 2. mama is pregnant wtih their 2nd baby (due Jan 13, can't wait to meet them!) and still nursing the oldest. she was worried about nursing two, till she saw me nursing sian in stay and play. sian's near enoguh three now, so she was quite happy that it'd be possible to nurse two. and her hubby will help as much as possible :o)

signing updates

sian learnt some clothing signs this autumn with justin and mr tumble's help. she can now sign and recognise the signs for:

hat (already knew it!), gloves, scarf, dress & trousers

beth added to her one and only sign so far of milk:

dog, lion, crocodile, rabbit

we're getting the something special dvds for christmas/birthday from uncle steve and mama so they'll be used lots next year during our shcool hour.

christmas decorating

sian helped me to decorate grannyjan's tree today. and her and beth are also trying to UNdecorate it. it looks really nice in red and gold, with white lights. but i've had to push a chair in front of it to stop them pulling the decs. off! we also put some tinsel round a light stand in red & gold to match the tree. no pictures as i don't have the digicam with me- i'll get some friday instead.

we have lots of tree ornaments at our house, and no tree to put them on :o( i've also got two personalized ones for the girls ready to order. hopefully we'll be in a place we can get a tree next year.


still in temporary accommodation. it's getting a little small now the girls are growing older- i'd say bigger, but even my fat baby is skinny! nothing suitable has come up since before we went to wales *sigh* maybe we will end up moveing to wales next year? i'll miss a lot of people here if we do that though.


we're defintley home schooling the girls at least till they're 7. after that we'll see. sian will be starting in january. if i sent her to shcool it wouldn't be till september. she'll probably learn more in 1-2hours a day at home than she will in the 3hrs she'd have at school. no need to worry if she's sick (or any of us for that matter) we already have a couple of feild trips planned- ice skating and a soft play. and we'll be able to take family holidays when clive's off work rather than in the more expensive tradtional holiday period. i'll probably start up a new blog for home edding so that we can see what we've done and what's been acheived each month.


we made the descision to let sian's ears close up. she's been ever so good with her earings, but lost 2 diferent ones in the space of 4 days. now i have 2 odd earrings and 2 spare backs! and the 2nd pair of earrngs cost me £15 two days before she lost one. her ear closed up a little in the time she didn't have earrings in and she screamed when we put the new ones in. if she wants them done again thats fine....... when she's a teenager - like 16!

the girls both have chinese new year symbol necklaces and sian also has a birthstone necklace, guess who's chains we can't find? yup. beth has her rooster on at the moment. we have to go back to a little gift shop in tenby (wales) but that will probably be a trip when we go on our main holiday next year.

i can't find any earrings i like to switch mine out for. so i guess i'll have these in forever! actually i saw some in the avon book for £1.50, but they're teardrops and dangle. the girls do like to hit me about the face when they're having temper tantrums! we'll see. i might get them then again.............

Sunday, December 17, 2006

off! owf!

oof! ee! oof! there a bit bumpy.

what do you think sian was taling about? She's 3 (well almost!) so keep it clean!

cobble stones! she decided she wanted to walk over them intsetd of on grass or tarmac this morning LOL. typing just doesn't do her actual voice any justice cause it was SO funny.

She also didn't want a cheese burger cause *she* was hungry, her *tummy* wanted the cheese burger. silly mama, it's the tummy that rumbles!

beth wehn asked if she's going to behave...."neh" said with a defintie no shake of the head. do you want mama milk? "yeh" with a yes nod.

she also said she was cheeky, didn't learn it from her big sister it came naturally! the child is as smart as her big sister, and as cheeky and forward too!

Friday, December 15, 2006

some sian funnies

i wish i could catch sian on videos with some of her phrases. here are two of my favourites from yesterday

"oh my gosh, i need my bra"

"i don't want to calm down, you calm UP"

We bathed the girls last night- well clive did while i hung laundry in their room. and while he was bathing beth i nursed sian.

after boo was all nice and clean she was picked up by daddy and pointed in our diercetion going "dat, dat" clive asked what she wanted and she signed milk for us

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I just managed to get tickets for the girls to see CBeebies Live!!! They are going to have a blast!

BIIIIG christmas/Birthday present for Sian and Beth, at £81.35 for all 4 of us! Wow! Normally this stuff doesn't happen to me!

and I've lost a stone! oh and bought new clothes a size smaller!

I'm a happy bumble bee! And i'm shouting, yes!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Photo (late!)

Me and my girls.... We gate crashed mums birthday photo shoot to get htis one of the three of us. I really like it :o) most
unusual as I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken

Sian and Beth just after Beth's first birthday. Those trousers are now indecent on Sian, and the dress fits Beth!

Just two random pictures. The red coat makes Sian look so grown up now (sob) and the christmas decorations brought out the imp in Beth!