Saturday, December 23, 2006

CBeebies Live!

The show was FAAAAAAAAAN-Tastic! Sian sat through the whole first hour entranced, joining in at all the right times. Even Beth was fairly still for a toddler! (ok, mama milk helped!)

We saw Justin and Mr Tumble (the girls favourite person), The Tweenies, Postman Pat- and Jess, Pingu, Naughty Noo-Noo, The Koala Brothers, Boo, PC Plum, Spencer and The Bobinogs. When we came out and asked Sian if she enjoyed it? She said no LOL then said she wanted to go again. If only we had the spare money sweetie! Defintley a hit methinks.

From all the over priced souveniers we managed to come home with.......... just the £4 program! Mind you, 4 portions of chips and a tub of maltesers came to £12... we should have gone abck to the car first! SIan was so cold her hadns were blue though and we just wanted to warm her up. (HAH)

The customer service through the whole arena was poor. No-one knew what anyone else was doing. (piss up in brewery? no way!) and the facilities for changing children's nappies was totally inadequate. In fact, we ended up changing Beth on the seats during the interval.

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