Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday night fun

Well, it started out as a very *quiet* adult session. Just two out of our 10 or so regulars turned up at 7..... The mats were at tip AGAIN (I just LOOOOOVE having to climb up on to dusty bleachers and move 8+ crash mats, 20 floor mats, a sag bag and random peices of rubbish) So, The cupboard better be as tidy when we get back after Easter as I left it last night!

We had a group of Explorer Scouts for the night last night- well from 8-10pm. Trouble was, none of us could remember what time they were coming! I realised about 7.50 (after we'd got out ALL the trampolines *wheeze, puff, pant*) that they didn't come till 8 last time either as thats the time of their meeting! It's the second time they've come to have a jump, and not the last. Some of the scouts have potential as bouncers... others are just springs coiled up ready to leap! One of the boys even got brave after he had an accident last time and got on again- after watching for an hour, he'd only come to support the rest of the group! Hmmm.... I wonder if he made it to the airport this morning.

They'll be back in June for another bounce. Wonder if i'll laugh as much tehn as I have the last two times! It's alwasy good for the system to have a giggle :o)


...and i spent £31.50!!!! on clothes for the girls. Actually, Sian got 2 new skirts out of it. Beth got 3 tops, 2 pairs of trousers and an outfit. She is not allowed to need new clothes till she fits the ones I have in 18-24mos left over from Sian!!

We had a friend round to play in the garden this afternoon and then got Pizza for tea. The 3 girls always seem to eat when they are together. Maybe we should do it more often. I think we might go for a bowling trip next time, that could be interesting! Theres another week of holiday for the shcool their freind is at after we get back from wales so i think a couple more play dates will be in order.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sunny Fun in the Garden...

Learning to bowl and set the pins is hard work! Sian carried one over to me at the car... "oh my god" she said in one of those squeezed out voices "it's heavy"
Beth on the other hand likes to be a lion. She goes behind the tree and ROARS! So cute, so funny, so can't wait for summer to get here PERMANTLY!!!

Boo Hoo Hoo!!

my little baby got all growed up :o( she talked to me on the phone today. not just gurgles, we had a conversation (ok, so bethy can't say many words yet, but she has yes and no down pat!)

it's time to get her new clothes... i jstu made the pleasing discovery that she's too long for ALL her 9-12mos stuff! and a pillow. she defintly sleeps better with it. Guess where half our holiday spending money si going?! ah well, she's worth it, totally!

I went to see the gp and....

i got 3 weeks grace LOL. I go to see Janet in 3wks time to sort out a personal action plan.. we tried to do it today but didn't get too far. I'm not going to change any of the asthma meds at the moment (just finish teh pred. tomrow, but I got it to have indoors which is a big help as i've been able to start it myself) I do have my hayfever meds sorted out though so now i'm gonna feel like i'm rattling!!

We're all going on an Easter Holiday!!

Well, i'm going to give dad a break from caring for mum, but i don't get a break from caring for him LOL. we WILL have fun though and i will get my hair cut two visits we're defintley doing are the chocolate farm and folly farm. the rest we're going to wait and see. must rember to take the potty. both girls will possibly use it..........

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

that was quick!

We ordered Sian a car seat from for my parents car yesterday. Interlink tried to deliver it today while we were out! And we're not in now till Monday. Shoot. I'm super impressed though, normal delivery is usually 4 working days, not next day!!

To the idiots who just stood and watched

If you see an UNACCOMPANIED 18 month old walk out of the building... do NOT just watch her walk towards the road. If it was your child, you'd want someone to stop them, yes? Well, next time I'll just leave it. The wall between me and said child meant I couldn't see her. And as I was dealing with her screaming sister at the time........

Apparently I'm a cow!!

G: Am I a cow?
B: Yeh
G: Do I give milk on demand?
B: Yeh
G: Are you a piggy?
B: pig

And the everlasting asthma....

So, I finish the pred in the morning. I have to go see my GP in the afternoon. Right now I'm on ...
Symbicort 200/6 2x day
Qvar 100 2x day
Singulair 1x day

Ventolin 2 puffs as needed (today was super, i only needed it twice!)

Just finishing Prednisone @ 30mg/day for 6days (all i had left of my supply, must get more)

I need to think what to ask her...

Do I need to extend the pred. for a bit longer (it seems to take longer to take an effect now) or increase the dose from 30mg to 40mg... or both.

What is a good peak flow for me now? I know my predicted is around 447... since Dec 06 I've been lukcy to hit 350. My best used to be 500... those days are gone!

I know to start the pred either when my PF drops below 280 or my sympoms get worse (i can stay at 350 for a while before the PF and sympotms match up again. it's a pain and probably why i try to avoid hospitals. they don't beleive i'm not panicking)

When should I seek further help?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And *breathe*

If I've just spent an hour getting the kids calmed down and ready for bed DON'T go and spoil it by picking a fight with the 3yo. Shouting and yelling at her are NOT going to bode well for me getting her to bed easily, or for me being able to read them a bed time story. You wanted kids just as much as me. TAKE SOME DAMNED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM AND GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE INSTEAD OF SLOBBING IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION!!!! If she wants to parade naked for 3minutes *with* the potty close at hand, let her. she is NEVER going to potty train if you don't let her stay in the altogether. peeing in her nappy is so much easier. Yet if her little sister wants to go potty, and just get up and down from it in the nuddy, thats fine. Do you see the inconsistencies here yet clive?

They're both asleep now. It only took me 30minutes. They didn't get there mama milk though. I had to spend time just talking calmly and wiping tears. thank goodness for the CDplayer and a library of books. Yes, we will be adding to it. You can jsut learn to read as well. or make up storeis to go with teh pictures. they don't know any different yet.


I ended up starting the pred. last night. the amount of ventolin i've been getting through i guess a trip to A&E is probably where i should be headed. i said *should* hopefully we can get some answers on thursday when i see the GP. i've sure had enough of this ride.

less than 100 days

can't wait for all public places to go non-smoking. i had a hard time at bowling this morning cause of the smoke. the centre staff can't wait eitehr. funny how the people that think it's a bad move are the smokers, huh? clive rekcons he's going to give up over easter. i've heard it so many times that i don't beleive him any more. his motivation this time? "cancer sticks" are going up 11p a pack. bever mind the health benefits for the whole family or the fact that he smells and tastes like an ashtray at the moment.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Heh. You wouldn't beleive

that weds and thurs sian was sick enough tath she didn't even want mama milk. today she's been on top form, argueing iwht me, screaming and shouting. and resisting bed! however, 8pm came and she finished playing with the toys (or rathr trhowing tem out of hte bedroom) and put her self into bed and tucked herself in. *sob* my baby is growing up!

yesterday she pulled a hieght chart off the wall at stay and play. then proceeded to fall asleep on it right in the middle of the room! i have a picture i will share when i can get to a scanner.

Me and my monster (aka asthma)

i really have ahd enough of this now. sian *hates* seeing me get nebbed :o( Janet switchet roudn my meds and added one. (now its symbicort, qvar and singulair) if my PF drops below 280 or the symptoms get worse i'm to start teh pred. and of course ventolin as necesary.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

hello from beth

vez beth is a cheeky monkeyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaa yu vvvvvvt

What a grumpy guts!

Thats what we said to sian tuesday when she didn't want to do *anything*

Well i found out why wednesday after i took her to the drs. poor baby has a nasty ear infection :o( and a raging high temperature to go with it. no wonder she was a grouch! all she's wanted to do since tuesday night is nurse.

on another note. the cardigan made for her by my surrogate mum finally fits! she loves it and asks to wear it wether it matches her outfit or not LOL and as spring seems to have disappeared again...........! mind you she'll probably outgrow it in about 2mos the way she's going. so THANK YOU Granny Mary :o)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things that make you go HMMMM

Like the new bedtime hour program on cbeebies at the moment. "In the night garden" seems to be a mishmash of influences from a variety of well loved childrens TV all set in a garden as a little girls dream.

Watching the first one yesterday we noticed similaritys to
Magic Roundabout

and teh character names in this .... IgglePiggle, MaccaPacca (or as Clive rechristened him tonight, WackyBacky!!!), UpsyDaisy, Tombliboos and Pontipines. Sian and Beth are hooked though.

The nail polish I'm putting on isn't covering the nails too well..... I can't be bothered to start again and go darker though so i'll have to deal. It's years since I painted my nails... or my face LOL and today i've done both.

New clothes, New makeup... need new hair (and a new man LOL)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothering Sunday

*moan* i got my mam a card, adn we called and left messages for her on the answer phone. i got HIS mother a card and a gift. i didn't even get a lie in, jsut a sulky husband. *end moan*

on a happier note. i did my annual trampoline competition today (i do one a year, always this one) and this year i came first and the team came third.

Comic Releif

The Early Years workers at Sure Start Hounslow's Family Room this week have had a whole variety of fund raisers going on to raise money for comic releif.

The girls are both a tad red around the eyes from being butterflies. We made "red nose cakes" (bakewell tarts with iced on faces!) for the bake sale. ther was a raffle- I won a rose in a pot- perfect mothers day gift for my MIL! and some chocolates (which i gave to a friend cuz i gave up chocolate for lent)

On Red Nose Day itself I made my nose up all funky with the stickers, sprayed my hair red (took the best part of the hair spray to do that!) and dressed in as much red as possible!

The total takings for the week in teh family room for Comic Releif was....
drum roll...............................................


Monday, March 12, 2007

Sian the Baker

Sian has helped GrannyJan bake this week. First she made welsh cakes last Thursday while I was at the Drs (and very tasty they were too, just look!) and then today she made mini pineapple upside down cakes....... supposedly for stay and plays cake sale, but they may end up being eaten!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

How I spent my Birthday Money

I should have known when Clive started stressing before I walked out the door that I should stay home today. He knew I needed to leave at 7.30am so at 7.15 he's *still* in bed. 7.30 I made the girls breakfast (yup, thats still in the kitchen awaiting my attention, it can wait)

Met up with my freinds in Harrow at 9am as planned and meandered off to Primark via Boots- Boots was open, Primark wasn't! And I needed a drink- never did drink it LOL

Primark didn't have anything big enough for me, but the other two got some bits. True "primark Moments" occured in there LOL so glad i didn't need socks! (cheap and cheerful and still going strong!) After Primark we went into Wallis... first purchase... £30 trousers down to £15... gotta love it! I can't beleive #1 i liked them and #2 they fit! now i needed to find a top to go with them (one to hide the lumps and bumps!)

Went off for a cuppa next- well a cup of tea, a cappucino and a water LOL so we could decide what to do next and i could get drugged up... not that it helped much i didn't stop wheezeing all damn day.

Next up was a trip to New Look- I have a new favourite shop LOL I've bought stuff from there before and been really pleased. This time though I got the trousers in a 20 not a 22! they're still a tad big roudn teh waist at the back! 2 pairs of jeans (£37), 1 pair of canvas trousers (£10- reduced) and 3 tops (£22 all reduced) The New Look in Harrow is HUGE! We traipsed into the fitting rooms together LOL we had 13 items and I kept 6, not bad! I decided I'd bought enough then (having spent a total of £84)

We meandered accross teh road to the lingerie shop. Lots of cute bras, but nothing in my size (never bloody is!) Then thought about lunch.. I wasn't hungry the others were, trouble with pred. is i'm never hungry at breakfast and lunch time, so we decided to go into debenhams for a nosey. We played around with lots of make up hehe. I let K make me up but had to take it off as it was making me all itchy :o( at least I know not to use Benefit make up in future. I did look pretty though lol

I dug my phone out at this point and found a message from Clive asking if we wanted to meet for lunch. It was 12 already so I said what about tea. He then texted back in a strop saying Bethy had 6 udders (was being a cow) and S ... where should he start. and he'd broken the kitchen drawer. I've only been gone half the damned day! yet *he* can't handle it and is snapping at everything. guess it's time for me to go home then. thanks. N & K are great freinds. I went outside and phoned him. Decied to get him to meet us in Harrow with teh girls

We went back accross to the cafe for lunch. but all forgot to check if it was a non smoking cafe... it wasn't. ugh. i was already wheezing like a steam train. that made it worse as there were people either side of us smoking.

Clive met us in a major strop. Lets say that my day fell apart possibly from the moment I left, but defintly from the "i wnat to kill myself" crap he sent me. To top it off he left Sian in a drenched nappy so I ended up having to buy HER a new pair of trousers as its march not May and i couldnt leave her in just a nappy!

Possibly the best bit of the day as far as the girlies were concerned was going out for tea at Chiquitos... they both had a 3 course meal! Never been done before, it was tonight LOL adn the service there today was super- unlike our wedding anniversary when we never did get served and walked out after 30mins to go to pizza hut!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


so, after being threatened with violence by sonia (our health visitor) if i didn't start the pred. on tuesday. she got "a gold medal" from janet for getting me started on it instead of waitng!

so i increased the symbicort monday. added pred. tuesday. keep them going till monday next week and janet will phone me tomorow lunchtime and porbably monday to make sure i'm ok and don't need to go in.

there is no way i'm missing out on my shopping trip with the girls over this though. its my birthday outing (and a chance to get trousers that fit!) and as daddy is having the girlies... we're spending the whole day out!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stop the world... I want to get off!

also known as... i can't bloody breathe again. this sucks. of course by the time i get to see janet on thrusday i'll have 3 days of pred in me, 4 days of increased symbicort and she'll not see jsut how bad it was.

CLIVE stop moaning about how the car needs a service, doesn't do this, doesn't do that, isn't your bus (i know that asshole, that's no excuse for your shitty driving). I've paid for a years worth of servicing/mot/cleaning from lance owen... well what was lance owen. now you jsut have to call and book it. or shall i do that too? they'll come and collect it from here as long as they have 2wks notice and its not a weekend.

Sian has now slept in her bed 4 nights, only falling out once! tonight was funny.. i heard a cry from her room... "mama come get my knickers (disposable nappy as opposed to cloth) i need a wee wee" she did too but she wouldn't let me put the nappy back on, even though it was dry!

Beth is cute, funny, noisy and apparently looks like a Lucie Mabel Attwell baby (whoever?!) don't cross her though. she's vicious if you get in her way or her sisters!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

that was neat

there was a total eclipse of the moon tonight. i decided to freeze and watch it for about 30mins out it the garden. clive and i had fun seeing the different amounts of coverage from diferent points on the garden path!

I love TKMaxx

well, today i do. i just got some reebok pumps for £18! considerably *less* than rrp :o) i never like it when i try clothes on LOL they only ever fit where they touch.

oh me oh my. sian now has a complete big girl bed. lets see if she can go to bed at a reasonable hour every night this week. i think some form of star chart is in order with a reward at the end. she usually responds well to bribery! course we'll see tonight if she needs the bed rail on both sides!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What I did on my birthday

Hee. Well, whatever it was I'd planned to do, it wasn't going to happen LOL. I had a breast feeding peer supporters course to go on. Mind you, I've been doing the peer supporter bit for over a year now!

Luckily for me it was being taken by a freind, and much laughter did ensue. Clive had the girls in the morning and my parents took them for the afternoon. Oh and yes, I passed!

During the course the Sure Start and Health teams suprised me with a little birthday lunch (how embarrasing!) which then meant i had to literally run to get the girls sandwiches before being back in the class room. I was touched to receive a gift voucher (and strict instructios to spend it on ME LOL) from them. I also got a chunk of cheese (!) from my parents - and £25 to go shopping with!, a gorgeous necklace from Nicky which Beth broke while we were out for a meal, and a pampering set from katie.

Last night, Sian's cot bed fell apart. So, the past two nights she's been to bed waaaaaaaay later than her usual 8pm. I'm not a happy bunny as it was gone 10 the second night. She won't be up in time for me to do coffee shop today then. Guess we're taking that back on Saturday as my digicam seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. At least she hasn't fallen out of the bed yet, right? we were planning on using it again in the future for another child!