Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday night fun

Well, it started out as a very *quiet* adult session. Just two out of our 10 or so regulars turned up at 7..... The mats were at tip AGAIN (I just LOOOOOVE having to climb up on to dusty bleachers and move 8+ crash mats, 20 floor mats, a sag bag and random peices of rubbish) So, The cupboard better be as tidy when we get back after Easter as I left it last night!

We had a group of Explorer Scouts for the night last night- well from 8-10pm. Trouble was, none of us could remember what time they were coming! I realised about 7.50 (after we'd got out ALL the trampolines *wheeze, puff, pant*) that they didn't come till 8 last time either as thats the time of their meeting! It's the second time they've come to have a jump, and not the last. Some of the scouts have potential as bouncers... others are just springs coiled up ready to leap! One of the boys even got brave after he had an accident last time and got on again- after watching for an hour, he'd only come to support the rest of the group! Hmmm.... I wonder if he made it to the airport this morning.

They'll be back in June for another bounce. Wonder if i'll laugh as much tehn as I have the last two times! It's alwasy good for the system to have a giggle :o)


...and i spent £31.50!!!! on clothes for the girls. Actually, Sian got 2 new skirts out of it. Beth got 3 tops, 2 pairs of trousers and an outfit. She is not allowed to need new clothes till she fits the ones I have in 18-24mos left over from Sian!!

We had a friend round to play in the garden this afternoon and then got Pizza for tea. The 3 girls always seem to eat when they are together. Maybe we should do it more often. I think we might go for a bowling trip next time, that could be interesting! Theres another week of holiday for the shcool their freind is at after we get back from wales so i think a couple more play dates will be in order.

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