Wednesday, March 28, 2007

that was quick!

We ordered Sian a car seat from for my parents car yesterday. Interlink tried to deliver it today while we were out! And we're not in now till Monday. Shoot. I'm super impressed though, normal delivery is usually 4 working days, not next day!!

To the idiots who just stood and watched

If you see an UNACCOMPANIED 18 month old walk out of the building... do NOT just watch her walk towards the road. If it was your child, you'd want someone to stop them, yes? Well, next time I'll just leave it. The wall between me and said child meant I couldn't see her. And as I was dealing with her screaming sister at the time........

Apparently I'm a cow!!

G: Am I a cow?
B: Yeh
G: Do I give milk on demand?
B: Yeh
G: Are you a piggy?
B: pig

And the everlasting asthma....

So, I finish the pred in the morning. I have to go see my GP in the afternoon. Right now I'm on ...
Symbicort 200/6 2x day
Qvar 100 2x day
Singulair 1x day

Ventolin 2 puffs as needed (today was super, i only needed it twice!)

Just finishing Prednisone @ 30mg/day for 6days (all i had left of my supply, must get more)

I need to think what to ask her...

Do I need to extend the pred. for a bit longer (it seems to take longer to take an effect now) or increase the dose from 30mg to 40mg... or both.

What is a good peak flow for me now? I know my predicted is around 447... since Dec 06 I've been lukcy to hit 350. My best used to be 500... those days are gone!

I know to start the pred either when my PF drops below 280 or my sympoms get worse (i can stay at 350 for a while before the PF and sympotms match up again. it's a pain and probably why i try to avoid hospitals. they don't beleive i'm not panicking)

When should I seek further help?


fiberfanatic said...

Do you need to do a taper instead of a flat dose?

Hiss Boo to asthma!

wheezeybouncer said...

hmm tey don't normally taper 30mg over 5-7days. thats something else to consider, thanks mum!