Thursday, March 01, 2007

What I did on my birthday

Hee. Well, whatever it was I'd planned to do, it wasn't going to happen LOL. I had a breast feeding peer supporters course to go on. Mind you, I've been doing the peer supporter bit for over a year now!

Luckily for me it was being taken by a freind, and much laughter did ensue. Clive had the girls in the morning and my parents took them for the afternoon. Oh and yes, I passed!

During the course the Sure Start and Health teams suprised me with a little birthday lunch (how embarrasing!) which then meant i had to literally run to get the girls sandwiches before being back in the class room. I was touched to receive a gift voucher (and strict instructios to spend it on ME LOL) from them. I also got a chunk of cheese (!) from my parents - and £25 to go shopping with!, a gorgeous necklace from Nicky which Beth broke while we were out for a meal, and a pampering set from katie.

Last night, Sian's cot bed fell apart. So, the past two nights she's been to bed waaaaaaaay later than her usual 8pm. I'm not a happy bunny as it was gone 10 the second night. She won't be up in time for me to do coffee shop today then. Guess we're taking that back on Saturday as my digicam seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. At least she hasn't fallen out of the bed yet, right? we were planning on using it again in the future for another child!


fiberfanatic said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I am late!

Much love!

wheezeybouncer said...

hehe no problems. it was just another day ;o)

g xx