Sunday, April 24, 2005

I know I know!

still no picture of me with my new hairstyle. it's not smooth and straight any more.

i phoned a midwife last week. she's going to do her best to get me the home birth that i want. and said if i'd called her before i had my booking appointment she'd have done that at home too. yay! no white coat hypertension!

sian and i meet her on may 10th. and we've agreed that i will only have *one* extra scan at 32wks unless trish seems worried. i felt sooo much better after talking to her :o)

i'm still (just about) managing to bowl. although all i'm ready for after a match is a niiice loooooooooong nap lol.

ugh. not a good day nausea wise today. i'm eating ice cause at least i'll stay hydrated.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the fringe was down to my nose today! Posted by Hello

i just lost 3lbs!

of hair! i just got my hair washed, cut and blow dryed. and boy was it nice to have someone wash my hair for me. i think it's up there in the top 10 of luxury things to do. not too sure what the other 9 are yet.....

it was shoulder length with a nose length full fringe (bangs) and now it's jaw length with a side fringe. i'll get piccies up asap. i know i can get the before one up earlier... although even that is a little old now!

Friday, April 08, 2005

i am soooo bad at this blogging!

had my first scan yseterday at 13+2. and ElJay is measuring right on target :o) sian and clive came too so we can include shrimpy in the whole process. after all ElJay is her sibling.

while i've been neglecting the blog. we've been to the easter funfair at hampton court, and for a short break to christchurch including a trip to paultons park.

there are pictures from the park and the fair in my snapfish account. which i'll link later.

so our short break. was meant to be sunday afternoon to thursday morning. it was sunday afternoon to tuesday as we had to come back to sign a contract on a flat wednesday morning. that got pushed back to the afternoon. and then it wasn't safe for sian so we didn't sign anything. pissed off.. a little. but we may have a home of our own soon!

ElJay's 1st pictures (7th April 05) Posted by Hello