Friday, April 08, 2005

i am soooo bad at this blogging!

had my first scan yseterday at 13+2. and ElJay is measuring right on target :o) sian and clive came too so we can include shrimpy in the whole process. after all ElJay is her sibling.

while i've been neglecting the blog. we've been to the easter funfair at hampton court, and for a short break to christchurch including a trip to paultons park.

there are pictures from the park and the fair in my snapfish account. which i'll link later.

so our short break. was meant to be sunday afternoon to thursday morning. it was sunday afternoon to tuesday as we had to come back to sign a contract on a flat wednesday morning. that got pushed back to the afternoon. and then it wasn't safe for sian so we didn't sign anything. pissed off.. a little. but we may have a home of our own soon!

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