Monday, February 26, 2007

i really should have taken

before and after shots of the hedge we trimmed today. by we i mean the girls and i. they both helped me chop about 2" each off the bottom- with a considerable amount of help! and we all mucked in to put the trimmings into the bag for the recycling men next week. i did the rose bush while i was at it. must get me some gardening gloves though. i itched like anything after that. twas a good work out mind!

i think the time may have come to teach sian to bowl without the ramp. she is eyeing up the balls in the shop. once she can throw a ball down the lane by herself we'll consider spending £50 on a ball for her. she can wear house shoes till shes bigger though.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

oops., i forgot the photo!

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eek has it really been a month

since i last posted? i guess so. the trip to wales was cold, sunny and well. i can see myself with 1 more child. not sure about 2 more and DEFINTLEY not 4 more LOL. Much as I love my neices and nephew, I was glad to relinquish care to their parents and come home.

the girlies have *grown* as you can see from the picture. Sian is fitting into 2-3yr clothes ratheer too well now LOL but if you get her 3-4yrs? yeah they fall off! poor kid. otoh if she owuld stop being stubborn and potty train............! she knows what its for. we even thought we had a break through a couple of weeks ago. we were out and about and twice she asked to use the "too-let" and did so. as well as at breakfast and bed time. she hasn't shown any interest or even used it since then.

bethy is signing well now. her vocabulary consists of the important ones (milk, please, food, thank you) as well as dog, cat, crocodile, rabbit, lion, car, ball. i'm sure i'm missing some. her favourite trick when she wants mama milk though is to pull at my tshirt and point to my midrif saying "dat" she will ask in sign if i make her but it's lost the novelty value now she can almost undress me! please is a must though.

clive is as grouchy as ever. but he was funny the other day. he'd misheard something i said and told me that bras are £12.50 a BOOB! Dangit though, bras are expensive. £25 for two nursing bras from mothercare isn't too bad- £12.50 a boob ;o) but to get a sports bra in my size? £50 IF you can find one. i did find one... in the states. let me link you. i like the blue and pink (in other words i'm sick to death of black and white!!)

now i jsut need them to 1) accept paypal and 2) do international shipping!

we've decided to go to the holiday camp with mam and dad for easter. i'm doing all the housework and child/parent care for the week (well 8days) but we will have some fun thrown in there. and mam and dad are planning taking the other 4 grandkids out on a trip to folly farm ( and the older 2 to the chocolate factory ( other than that it'll be time meandering round camp and seeing my sister and BIL and i'm sure at least one trip to Llanelli to hit the internet! I'll never manage 8 days without a net hit LOL

*yawn* msut be coming up bedtime. i can't keep my eyes open much longer. thinki'm getting old or sothing i go to bed tired and get up even more tired. oh, wait, thats having 3 kids to look after.