Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We went out to have a nice family outing on Aug 11th. We came back to find that Hounslow Council had changed our lives forever.

We are officially homeless. Would have been nice of them to TELL us they'd stopped the housing benefit. And would have been nice to FIND OUT THEY WERE GOING TO FREAKIN' EVICT US!!!

Do they REALLY think we'd have gone out that day if we'd KNOWN what we'd come back to!?

We've been forced to move to Wales ahead of when we'd planned. And now we're desperatley trying to find a property to move into before school starts. We have 2 weeks. And are having no luck. I want my family back together. The girls are staying with my sister and her chain smoker husband. The rest of us are staying with my parents. The air bed is ok, but poor rick just has his quilt doubled over on the floor.

The kicker in everything here is THEY DIDN'T LOOK AT THE CLAIM PROPERLY!! I didn't work full time. Not since before Sian was born. But it's too late for us. We're struggling to find a place that we can afford.

Clive has had to leave a steady job. The kids have left their school and friends and Rainbows and Brownie packs. I've left two of the best friends ever behind.

I wanted to move home, but not like this. All I can do is cry. I'm starting to doubt my abilities as a parent. a carer. a daughter. a person.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

camping... not sure about it still!

Sian, Beth and Rick with their Great Grandad Tom
Beth just "chilaaaaaaaaaxing"

Sian takes time out to play DS in the tent

Lets go fly a kite!

Rick makes a movie.

playing on the digger

Daddy helps Rick scoop sand

Shovel and drop!

Friday, August 05, 2011

THIS is how accidents happen!

The pics are out of order, and she was being closely supervised while I took the pics. But I came down to find her IN the dryer trying to get clothes out!