Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucy Ladybird came to stay!

Sian brought the class mascot home last weekend. We had a busy weekend, which I am writing up for Lucy and Miss Rosborough. But here is a snapshot of some of what we all got up to. It was a good time for Lucy to come and stay as we were babysitting while Sian was at a rainbows circus camp on Saturday (then we went out for a meal with Sian still in her face paint!) and on Sunday we had Sian's half birthday fancy dress party (no pics from that, sorry!)

We took her out for a meal

She said hello to our friends baby girl

Helped us to baby sit another friends little boy

Watched some TV with Beth

Had her hair done by Rick

and played on the big trampoline with Sian

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sian's 1st Sports Day

Dribbling race

Bean bag race

balancing race

Running race

The weather was lovely for KMS sports day. All the races for the FSU were done in teams and ALL the teams went back to class with a variety of "well done!" stickers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hampton Court Pics

Playing hide n seek I think!

Even the ducks came out to say hi

I just liked it :o)

Sian in her cape

Beth in her cape

Learning the pageant actions

finding out what they were going to do

running off lunch!

good place to sit and think

MMMmmm! Lunch time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A weekend to my sisters

My youngest neice showing off her strength!

My ever so handsome nephew

Beth and my oldest neice (neither of whom smile very much!)

Sian with Ditzi.. Sian's afraid of dogs!

Sian having given Buster a kiss! He's getting on now but if you ever needed a dog who'd tolerate whatever a kid could throw at him? Buster was the dog.

Wales as ever was wet! But it was nice to see the new house. Ty Mawr, Mawr, MAWR!!! Ok in English the place is bloody HUGE! We had the rooms at the very top of the house. I never did count the stairs but it was sorta three floors up. This was the only time I was glad that Sian and Beth don't wake to use the loo at night! Them steps was steep!

I bought some new fluff (I like my cloth and some of it is getting old having gone through three before Rick came along!) and some wondabalm and all natural sunscreen.. wait, the sun has gone! I got a few new cloth wipes too. Now to find the spray bottle so I can start using my cloth wipes at home again!

But I left the nappy that needs repairing at home (was the whole reason for meeting the upsydaisy ladies!) and then left my phone charger in wales (bigger mistake, my phone is now unusable till the charger reaches me!) We came home to the electric having gone out and the food in the fridge/freezer needing throwing away. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Frederick at....

Soft Play...

The Library...

The Spray Park...

Monday, June 01, 2009

A Frederick Post

HOW big was mama's roll?!

I can feed myself!

Yes, I'm fed up I want to *MOVE* darnit (and now he can!)

my new outfit and a hat that fits

I have the cutest dimple when I smile

Sorry about the sideways video!