Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucy Ladybird came to stay!

Sian brought the class mascot home last weekend. We had a busy weekend, which I am writing up for Lucy and Miss Rosborough. But here is a snapshot of some of what we all got up to. It was a good time for Lucy to come and stay as we were babysitting while Sian was at a rainbows circus camp on Saturday (then we went out for a meal with Sian still in her face paint!) and on Sunday we had Sian's half birthday fancy dress party (no pics from that, sorry!)

We took her out for a meal

She said hello to our friends baby girl

Helped us to baby sit another friends little boy

Watched some TV with Beth

Had her hair done by Rick

and played on the big trampoline with Sian

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fiberfanatic said...

Write an email please lost your eddress. Much love to all!