Thursday, July 23, 2009

Impromtu Hair Salon...

Before I got pregnant with Frederick I did a hair dressing course. Sian and Beth aren't allowed to touch Mamas hair dressing bag... but they did. I think the punishment of losing her beloved locks was enough for Beth and Sians hair is... choppy but you can't tell too much luckily! Photos go AFTER then BEFORE cause I forgot to put them up in the right order and can't be bothered to try and change them around here as I always mess it up!

The AFTER Picture, I had to do some serious chopping on Beths hair!

Just cause I think he's cute

Sian before, goodness only knows why she's eating one hand and got the other in the air!

Beth before, see how loooong her plaits were? She cried, lots when I told her she couldn't have her hair in plaits any more!

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