Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We have a favourite park. It's the sort of place you take a picnic and stay all day. We didn't take a picnic, but we did stay all day! Broomhall Lane Rec in Sunningdale is lovely, well maintained, has clean loos, a small cafe when it's dry (their words!)

There is a fenced in play area for younger children (up to about 11) with a sandpit, and on the other side of the fence is a fantastic "fitness" facility for older kids, and adults! Think of the sorts of things you might find in a gym.. rowing machines, leg presses.. and the circus.. tight rope, trapeze.. you have that sort of thing adapted for public use.

For a small fee there are 3-4 tennis courts to be played on. A container library stops there once a week. And in spite of the fact that people take their dogs to run over the vast amount of playing field? All the muck is cleared up and put in the bins.. This weekend was the first weekend we saw anyone hadn't had the manners to clean up. Behind the park are some woods that are great for exploring, and in the middle you come to a sign post "Narnia Style" but this time it points you to the station, back to the rec and to one of the main roads!

This week we decided to splash out and get pizza for lunch instead of taking a picnic (a desicion assisted by the fact that I hadn't got any groceries in!) I grabbed some bananas and drinks to keep us going till we could get for a late lunch. Pizza Express has a fantastic childrens menu now that kept my two happy, although Beth would have been happier had the pasta option come in a cheese sauce! (She got her macaroni cheese tonight so she's a happy bunny!) Frederick doesn't warrant his own servings of much yet, he gets shares in everyone elses food still. But he charmed the waiter into his own little bowl of ice cream. It was so cute watching him grab the spoon then tip his head back to swallow the treat!

We walked back to the park after the pizza and were going to leave at 3.30, 4, 4.30.... eventually we left the park at 5 and bought the girls sausage and chips on the way home. Rick was meant to share with Beth but he'd done so much all day that he slept from the time I put him in his car seat right up until 7pm! I cooked him a veggie burger and chips at home instead LOL. Even so he was in bed by 9pm.. he seems to have decided that 9pm is a good bedtime. And 5am is a good time to come into Mama and Daddy's bed for morning snuggles and boobage!

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