Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sian End of Year

Sian got enroled at Rainbows. I could NOT get her to stand still for a decent photo!

Sian was a teddy in a toy shop in her class assembly. In the top photo she's 3rd from left at the back. I heard her right at the back of the hall when she said her line :)

Sian has had a fantastic time in the FSU at KMS by all accounts! She's learnt to read (and is the first child that the head of the unit even KNOWS of to reach the turquiose level books, to move on from them requires comprehension skills as well as sounding out skills... she started with that about 3 levels ago!) She can write now- when she started she couldn't hold the pencil even. It is even starting to go in straight lines! I have her work book from this year, I'll scan in some of her work later.

I had her parent/teacher meeting a couple of weeks ago. Miss Rosborough is going to miss having Sian and the rest of her class and has told me that Sian fitted in fantastically with her peers. If anything homeschooling helped her rather than hindered and she's at the same level or ahead of her peers. Her report was written about a month before the meeting and the things that she wrote as goals were already acheived or almost acheived by then LOL

In spite of being late once (we had to go back home and change some tights) and off sick for a week, her attendance was fantastic at 96.4% from the time she started right up till the report was written. I found out in the last few days of term that Sian was nominated for a school sheild for her work in phonics & reading. She didn't make the shortlist but her head teacher put a note in her book bag letting me know that she'd been nominated

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