Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Beth's time at private nursery

Beth finished at Grovely Hall nursery and will be missed. Her group teacher was off sick the last week she was there so she couldn't say goodbye :( I've been told she'll be absolutely fine at school and I'm thinking she will do. She seems to have pretty much outgrown the nursery here and needs the challenges that school nursery will give her.

I had to laugh at some of the comments on her report from nursery. They appear to be comparing her to her two best friends, who are both a school year above her and 6-9months older than her! Unfortunately they won't be at the same school next year, but I have her bestest friends contact details and we're going to meet up after school, in the holidays and at weekends with any luck.

I need to scan in her Nursery photos still but when I have done I promise to share!

The last week included such fun as doing a sponsored Toddle.. they had to cancel due to the weather the original day. I'm not sure how they managed it the next time (I took some umbrellas with me!!) as they only had 3 members of staff pretty much the whole week. But if they hadn't done it then the kids, and the charity, would have missed out. And there was a teddy bears picnic too- I made teddy bear shaped sandwiches for that one LOL. So much fun but I wasted so much bread too!

I forsee tantrums in September when she doesn't start school until 2wks after Sian! I know that one day we've got 20minutes to get home so that her new teacher can come and do her home visit LOL. And in spite of her telling Miss Rosborough (Sian's teacher) that she's not excited about starting at KMS, she's been sleeping with and wearing her school cardigan!

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moonduster said...

Bella starts school in September too! And Connor will be starting a couple of mornings a week at preschool.

It's going to be a crazy first month of school for them!