Friday, September 29, 2006


well, that's what sian calls them any ways! I sat and watched tweedle dum and tweedle dee pull apart the spacer and halers and put them back together perfectly tonight. Darnit, I should have given them some water to wash the spacer in!! they both can also follow all the steps to medicate themselves (with a little help in sian's case and a lot in beth's) did i say follow? they do it for me these days! sian can't quite manage to depresst he haler down yet, but she likes to try!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

glasses, ears and a house

so, last night my glasses fell apart at the seams... quite literally! i couldn't see a darned thing unless it was inches from my nose. that warranted a trip to the opticians this morning. luckily as we're getting tax credits i didn't have to pay for my sight test AND i've got £29 to put towards a spare pair of glasses (i paid for some memo-form glasses as they were on special offer and the kids like to hit me in the face a lot!)

ears next. we were walking past claires accsessories and talking about ear piercing. sian asked to get hers done, and when asked 5more times if she really did want them peirced, said yes. she was very brave and is now the proud owner of december birthstone earrings. and mama has some february birthstone earrings too. my mum isn't too pleased with our descision, but she's OUR daughter (note, the word daughter? at 33mos we *still* get asked if she's a boy or a girl) i can't beleive i've finally got mine done though! i wasn't allowed to have them done till i was 16, by which time i wasn't interested. sian asked me to do my ears too so i got brave and did it. still not sure if i like it or not! but i have a wish to get my belly button done, when i lose 5stone.

house. we saw a lovely house that we had to turn down. cause we can't be here to sign the tenancy agreement on monday. darnit.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh gosh, I hope not!

Sian's had a wheezey cough for the past couple of weeks. So I've been giving her her "halers" like a good mama. She asked me to take her to the Drs today, to which daddy said "they'll just tell you to put her on her ventilator" well we didn't go quite that far, but we did set up asthma checks for both of us. me tomorow and sian next week... hopefully she won't be so wheezey by then.

The girls both enjoyed noseing around Dr Lamberts office, and now sian wants to know about bugs and blood cells! She was very good, letting Dr L look in her ears, take her temperature and she made her listen to her chest twice LOL.

I've started skipping. I haven't skipped for years. but yesterday i did 150 and today i did 200... wonder if it'll be 250 tomorow! I also (eventually!) managed to get on the trampoline to do 50 back bounces... then Beth decided she wanted to be in on the fun too. I have a sense of Deja Vu!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

keep looking

so, we thought it was all good to go with the flat. we wanted it, it suited us. then we went and parked clive's minibus in the parking spaces. darnit, the bus is about 3" too long for the space! that and we can only have one parking permit, in spite of the fact we need two. so either clive leaves his job (no way!) or we pass on the flat. i spent the whole morning on the phone trying to sort parking out to accept the flat (the kitchen, the kitchen!) ah well. something better will come up i'm sure

we've had no heating and hot water intermittently for a while now. yesterday everythign came to a head wtih that and i phoned our housing officer (lovely lady, jsut hard to get a hold of!) she arranged for the gas enginere to come out today - earliest appt- and we found that we need a new CO2 moniter- you can't just change the batteries! and that our gas boiler apparently isn't up to standard regulations, GRRRREAT (said with just the right amoutn of sarcasm!)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

oh me oh my! sian wants to paint!

so, we now have a light shade, curtains and wall paper border for one room. that'd be the girls room where ever we end up. the shade is humphreys corner and the curtains and border and winnie the pooh but it's all the same sort of shades! and sian, bless her heart, watns to paint theire room! so i'm gonna let her. yup maybe i'm crazy. io don't care. if she wants to have a go, let her i say!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

we saw the flat....

it was ok. nothing special, although i did fall in love with the recently refurbed kitchen! (so much storage!) and there is a BATH! having dealt with a dodgy shower now for a year, a bath would be a luxury :o) oh and the loo is seperate (and large! important for toddlers learning to use the big girl "too-let") we could even fit a book shelf in there rofl. well i'd have to stick a nappy pail and a bin in there anyways!

the bedrooms are actually smaller than where we are now, BUT they have built in wardrobes so floor space wouldn't be taken up with clothes storage (which it is here, c & i don't even have a hanging rail like the girls do!) i think i'd be inclined to squeeze us into the smaller room so the kids can play in there room as well as sleep in it.... although they're going to need some flooring and repainting, one room is BARBIE pink and purple, even *I* don't like the purple! the otehr is yellow with badly stencilled red teddies on the walls. we think a pale yellow with humphries corner light shade (current) and curtains. but who knows *shrug*

the living room is red at the moment, that will have to go eventually. it's livable with for the sake of a quick move. and the floor isn't too bad either- well once we've thrown down a couple of rugs! it might even be possible to make a living section and a dining section and a tiny toy area.... or i'm being super ambitious! i'll give it a go. not like we have HUGE amounts of furniture!

i have to phone monday to see if we can park the work vehicle there (16 seat minibus) the housing officer thinks ther emay be issues iwth that not just for match days (need a permit as we're right on top of twickenahm rugby ground) but parking a trade vehicle in general. if it's a yes to the bus we're taking it if not we know not to bid on any more on that estate!