Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh gosh, I hope not!

Sian's had a wheezey cough for the past couple of weeks. So I've been giving her her "halers" like a good mama. She asked me to take her to the Drs today, to which daddy said "they'll just tell you to put her on her ventilator" well we didn't go quite that far, but we did set up asthma checks for both of us. me tomorow and sian next week... hopefully she won't be so wheezey by then.

The girls both enjoyed noseing around Dr Lamberts office, and now sian wants to know about bugs and blood cells! She was very good, letting Dr L look in her ears, take her temperature and she made her listen to her chest twice LOL.

I've started skipping. I haven't skipped for years. but yesterday i did 150 and today i did 200... wonder if it'll be 250 tomorow! I also (eventually!) managed to get on the trampoline to do 50 back bounces... then Beth decided she wanted to be in on the fun too. I have a sense of Deja Vu!

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