Wednesday, September 27, 2006

glasses, ears and a house

so, last night my glasses fell apart at the seams... quite literally! i couldn't see a darned thing unless it was inches from my nose. that warranted a trip to the opticians this morning. luckily as we're getting tax credits i didn't have to pay for my sight test AND i've got £29 to put towards a spare pair of glasses (i paid for some memo-form glasses as they were on special offer and the kids like to hit me in the face a lot!)

ears next. we were walking past claires accsessories and talking about ear piercing. sian asked to get hers done, and when asked 5more times if she really did want them peirced, said yes. she was very brave and is now the proud owner of december birthstone earrings. and mama has some february birthstone earrings too. my mum isn't too pleased with our descision, but she's OUR daughter (note, the word daughter? at 33mos we *still* get asked if she's a boy or a girl) i can't beleive i've finally got mine done though! i wasn't allowed to have them done till i was 16, by which time i wasn't interested. sian asked me to do my ears too so i got brave and did it. still not sure if i like it or not! but i have a wish to get my belly button done, when i lose 5stone.

house. we saw a lovely house that we had to turn down. cause we can't be here to sign the tenancy agreement on monday. darnit.

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