Saturday, December 27, 2008


My friend from the UAE came to London for a flying visit so we hooked up and took the kids to Hamleys. I hope she comes to London in the summer but her family is all further North. We always have such a good time together. Even when the family is jet lagged!!

Beth with a giant dinosaur. Sian had a ride on him later!

Sian and Beth in the "Hello Kitty" Section

Beth with a very tired little freind behind her

Sian with an even more tired little girl (they'd been off the plane from the UAE maybe two hours!)

The Christmas decorations down Carnaby.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to where I started

Actually, I'm almost 2lbs LESS than where I started just over a year ago. So, in the six weeks since giving birth I've lost at least a stone of the weight I gained. Possibly more as I'm fully dressed and have already eaten. Now I've found my scales I'm getting back on track with the weight loss. There's enough of me that it really won't affect my nursing relationship with Frederick!

Speaking of the boy, he's exactly six weeks today. I'm going to go off and weigh him out of curiosity. Then I'll weigh him monthly for the next year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh My Gosh.

Rick was 5wks old yesterday. And he rolled for the first time. First after a nappy change- so he had the slope of the sofa to help- back to front. He's only ever gone back to side on the sofa till now. Then last night after his midnight feed I put him on his tummy, went out the room to sort out the nappy wash and came back to find him on his back. And I missed it!! On the one hand I want him to do it again so I can *see* on the other.. he's a baby and I want him to stop growing up so darned fast!!

The boy doesn't like his pushchair when he's awake. I don't think babies under 3mos should be sitting in pushchairs... he's trying to change my ideas! He fights the pouch sling if he's awake and I can't find my thicker ring sling to use. He's still too skinny for the mei tei (my personal favourite!)
Maybe in the new year he'll have me forced to put the seat on the pushchair... he already sits up on your knee looking round really well. His head control is excellent (and has been for a long time) and he can push his rear in the air aiming for a crawling motion.

I think it maybe time to start thinking about a new one......... however I always nurse my babies for a year at least first.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sian got a hair cut

Please excuse the orange face.. I think it was tomato soup for tea! Anyway. Sian asked me to cut her hair short. So this is the result. It looks MUCH better when it's brushed!! I might get her an alice band as she wanted some hair bands and then decided to get it cut.

I have to give my big girl a big shout out. She has been THE best big sister. And the best big girl a Mama could ask for. She's had some moments (she's not quite five, she's entitled!) but for the most part? Sian has been THE most helpful member of my family. Not just with Rick, but with her little sister and just in general round the house. If I can't reach something or I need soemthing done quickly she'll do it.

Methinks Father Christmas may have to find a little special something for her this year. I know she'd like some Peppa Pig PJs and a T-shirt. And they're bringing out a Peppa Pig Wii game... Something will be forthcoming.

Fred. Rick. George!

What's this and where am i?!
Tummy Time

My sisters and Me


In the Night Garden... anyone seen Rick?

Clive likes Fred. I like Rick. So then Beth pipes up with George (giving him his full name LOL). People insist on adding "ee" to the end of kids names (even i do it) and I DON'T like Freddie. I don't mind Ricky. He looks more like a Frederick or a Rick to me.

He's a month old on Friday. I can't beleive it. I really can't beleive it! And how much has he changed in that month. I'll weigh him Weds (4wks) just for curiositys sake. I won't be suprised to find he's not gained much. All my kids are slow gainers.

Mr Man is trying to do things a bit too fast though. He likes to sit up on your knee and watch the world go round. He already rolls to his side.. won't be long before he can roll to his belly (eek!) and he likes to be on his tummy and lift his head to look round at the wrold from a different perspective. I get a good block of sleep from him from around 8-midnight. then he's a 2hour nurser till about 8/9am after that all bets are off depending on what we're doing.