Monday, December 01, 2008

Sian got a hair cut

Please excuse the orange face.. I think it was tomato soup for tea! Anyway. Sian asked me to cut her hair short. So this is the result. It looks MUCH better when it's brushed!! I might get her an alice band as she wanted some hair bands and then decided to get it cut.

I have to give my big girl a big shout out. She has been THE best big sister. And the best big girl a Mama could ask for. She's had some moments (she's not quite five, she's entitled!) but for the most part? Sian has been THE most helpful member of my family. Not just with Rick, but with her little sister and just in general round the house. If I can't reach something or I need soemthing done quickly she'll do it.

Methinks Father Christmas may have to find a little special something for her this year. I know she'd like some Peppa Pig PJs and a T-shirt. And they're bringing out a Peppa Pig Wii game... Something will be forthcoming.

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clairemiddleton said...

I love the haircut - Makes her look so grown up!