Monday, December 01, 2008

Fred. Rick. George!

What's this and where am i?!
Tummy Time

My sisters and Me


In the Night Garden... anyone seen Rick?

Clive likes Fred. I like Rick. So then Beth pipes up with George (giving him his full name LOL). People insist on adding "ee" to the end of kids names (even i do it) and I DON'T like Freddie. I don't mind Ricky. He looks more like a Frederick or a Rick to me.

He's a month old on Friday. I can't beleive it. I really can't beleive it! And how much has he changed in that month. I'll weigh him Weds (4wks) just for curiositys sake. I won't be suprised to find he's not gained much. All my kids are slow gainers.

Mr Man is trying to do things a bit too fast though. He likes to sit up on your knee and watch the world go round. He already rolls to his side.. won't be long before he can roll to his belly (eek!) and he likes to be on his tummy and lift his head to look round at the wrold from a different perspective. I get a good block of sleep from him from around 8-midnight. then he's a 2hour nurser till about 8/9am after that all bets are off depending on what we're doing.

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clairemiddleton said...

I thought of you tonight whilst in Asda...Saw a tripod for £10!

It's very similar to mine, but looks slightly sturdier - might be worth a look?