Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to where I started

Actually, I'm almost 2lbs LESS than where I started just over a year ago. So, in the six weeks since giving birth I've lost at least a stone of the weight I gained. Possibly more as I'm fully dressed and have already eaten. Now I've found my scales I'm getting back on track with the weight loss. There's enough of me that it really won't affect my nursing relationship with Frederick!

Speaking of the boy, he's exactly six weeks today. I'm going to go off and weigh him out of curiosity. Then I'll weigh him monthly for the next year.


moonduster said...

That's great to be back where you were! :)

Do you have any plans for how you're going to lose the weight?

My diet has not had any effect on my milk supply for Cameron, so you're right - it shouldn't be a problem for you to do and still nurse.

christiane Ebert said...

go for it you can do it.....