Monday, March 17, 2008

random pics #3

last of the bubbles.
i loved the tree when we went to osterly park earlier
slightly more zoomed out so you can see the circular shape better
strawberry chops after their strawberry picnic. they didn't even talk about chocolate cake till lunchtime!
sian signing "spaghetti" this has been one of the hardest signs for her. she's done 25 in the past 3wks and learns them sooo fast!

random pics #2

sian may not like the "bematoes" but she will eat any cucumber left unattended!
the girls both learnt to blow bubbles themselves during the last week. enjoy.
such concentration. i love this pic of beth.
see how windy it was? they insisted they weren't cold!
mama overruled them for a neat bubbley picture!

random pics #1

sian on the trampoline at the playgym. she was not having a good day when we went and freaked out on just about everything that she wouldn't think twice about normally. didn't help that i'd *just* found out i was pregnant that morning and was feeling sick to boot.
being a tree on an old tree stump. when we first moved to the area it was a big ol' conker tree. not any more, it's a good climbing frame!
beth shouldn't have been playing in the sand here, this is her "waht have i done wrong?" look.
yes, her fringe needs cutting. again. but i want to wait till the hair wrap falls out so i can give her a bob again, it really suits her and doesn't irritate her neck.
beth and sian raided teh fridge for a snack. sian doesn't like "bematoes" but "me like matoe's mummy" said beth demolishing the packet.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

weeks 6 & 7

pregnancy cartoon
pregnancy cartoon

i love the end results, in fact i even enjoy labour. i HATE being pregnant. 24/7 nausea sucks. and even when you finally get to the stage of (whatever time of day!) sickness? the nausea lingers when you're not praying to the porcelain throne.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Week 5

pregnancy cartoon

These cartoons from are brilliant. and there is so much more there as well!

Sign class #2

i'm a bit late with this one! The girls have another class tomorrow! So, last week they reviewed

  • apple
  • banana
  • orange

and added

  • table
  • chairs
  • cupboard
  • bed

it's amazing how fast 30mins flies by. sian picks up the signs really quickly. Dom will show them the picture and sign together first and teach them new ones. then he plays "where is" where he does the sign and sian has to point to the pic. after she has to sign what ever he poitns to. beth doesn't get it quite so quickly, but by the next lesson she knows the signs. i think it's partly her age, and partly she's shy around Dom. Sian has no such problem!!